Apple PowerBook Titanium G4 Screen problems

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kitki83, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Recently my job gave me this laptop that I think from what teh net says is a Titanium model. They told me it was dropped and the screen never worked. The thing is the screen kinda works, well the top 1/3 Horizontally of the screen shows the desktop and what not. The 2/3 of the monitor shoes a vertical pinstripe randome colors. The thing is I dont have the charger and I cant take a photo of it. I am wondering if its worth putting money in this laptop. I did while it worked hooked it up on external monitor, overall it works fine. My brother told me to ebay it and use the money for a Mac book. I just want opinions to what to do. I feel since theres still image showing on the screen may be just a broken cable or loose.

    Any feed back with lack of pics is greatly appreciated. I hope to borrow a charger to take some snaps.

    Thank You
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    You could open it and find out if any cable is disconnected. I like the eBay idea though.

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