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Apple pre-routing packages around country to ensure 10/24 delivery

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by jeeves99, Oct 23, 2003.

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    Apple is shipping panther from a facility in northern california, at least for the few orders I know of. According to my analysis of the fedex tracking results, Apple was very sneaky and utilized the pre-routing discounts that fedex gives to ensure that everyone gets the package on the 24th.

    I'm in san diego and 2-day fedex from northern california takes 1 day usually. Apple realized this and has pre-routed the package from their facility to Oakland to MEMPHIS, TN!! Rather than get the package today as would have happened in a normal shipment, I will have to wait until the 24th for the package to make it back from Memphis.

    Sneaky, apple. Very sneaky. Anyone else in california have similar pre-routing on their orders?

    My tracking...

    Oct 23, 2003
    1:55 pm Left FedEx Sort Facility_MEMPHIS TN_

    Oct 23, 2003
    12:08 am Arrived at FedEx Ramp_ OAKLAND CA_

    Oct 22, 2003
    11:51 pm Left FedEx Origin Location_RANCHO CORDOVA CA_

    Oct 22, 2003
    1:03 pm Pickup status_RANCHO CORDOVA CA_
    Pre-routed meter pkg picked up_
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    Odd how I already got mine today (10/23/03 delivered around 1:09)

    Maybe they are re-routing for faster shipping??
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    I'm am in Northwest Missouri, but my tracking detail is nearly identical to yours.
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    Actually FedEx's main sorting facility is in Memphis, TN. I think all or almost all packages go through that office. I remember once I was sending something to a neighboring town (maybe a 30 minute drive, at most), but I was sending it 3 day to save money. I asked the FedEx pickup person how they would make it take 3 days to get there. He told me that they would send it to Memphis, TN, like they do with all packages, and it would be sent back here for delivery 3 days later. Not the best system, but I guess that is the way FedEx likes it. My point is, however, that Apple has nothing to do with the fact that your package went to Memphis.
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    I agree, once the package leaves Apple's distribution center, it is in the hands of FedEX and often times its route of travel is not that of straight line. I've tracked numerous items wondering why they've gone back and forth throughout the continental U.S. before finally reaching Hawaii.
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    Elan0204 has it. Unless something has changed in the last few years, anything you send FedEx goes through Memphis. If you overnight something to you next door neighbor it still goes to Memphis.

    My order has shipped, but I can't get tracking info yet.
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    I thought this too!

    They shipped mine last night from the warehouse to arrive in Baltimore this morning. I Live in DC. I PROBABLY should have gotten it today, but for NO reason, they shipped it from Baltimore NORTH to New Jersey. Ummmm I have NEVER seen that before.

    Would it have killed them to deliver it on the 23rd? Sheesh :)
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    It's crazy, I'm practically in Oakland, CA, but my tracking is identical to yours (except the times)... I had thought it might get delivered today, until I saw that in was in Tennessee! :(
  9. KCK
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    Well I live in Oakland and if Apple had shipped via regular FedEx ground service I would of had my Panther today. Several times in the past when I have ordered something from Apple my purchase has left Sacramento, gotten to Oakland around midnight and then put on a truck about 3 in the morning for delivery to me latter that day.

    This time as is has been noted my Panther order got flown to TN only to get back on a plane for Oakland ( according to the tracking my oder has left TN twice.
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    I'm in Sacramento, CA.
    Elk Grove is about 10 miles from me.
    My tracking number shows it circling in Oakland so far...
    Oct 23, 2003
    2:53 pm
    Arrived at Sort Facility
    6:31 am
    Arrived at Sort Facility
    5:45 am
    Arrived at Sort Facility
    3:25 am
    Left FedEx Ramp
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    Jeeves, what's up? I'm in SD as well, University City specifically, near the 5 and 52 freeways.

    I was unable to get any tracking info until around 4:30pm. Here is what I'm getting;

    Oct 23, 2003 4:14 pm - Pickup status -
    RANCHO CORDOVA CA_- Pre-routed meter pkg picked up_

    Only that one entry at 4:14 from Rancho Cordova.....

    Does anyone know if we will have to be at the delivery location to sign? I called fedex with this question and they said the entry was too new and they didn't have enough information. They told me to leave a note authorizing this just to be safe, as I will be at work.

    One last note. I ordered 10/17 with the edu discount and chose standard ground shipping. Wednesday night I was happy to see the shipping bumped up to 'standard overnight' too! Very cool.

    I can't wait for expose when working with multiple photoshop files and golive pages.

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    Here's what my Fedex tracking says:
    Oct 23, 2003
    2:44 pm Held at Sort Facility_MEMPHIS TN_
    2:33 pm Left FedEx Sort Facility_MEMPHIS TN_
    Oct 22, 2003
    10:09 pm Left FedEx Origin Location_CORDOVA TN_
    3:34 pm Pickup status_CORDOVA TN_

    Held at Sort Facility, hmmm...

    I'll be at the Dallas HP Store anyway though.

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    Check mine out!

    Look at these details:

    Scan Activity

    Pickup status/RANCHO CORDOVA CA
    10/23/2003 11:28
    _Pre-routed meter pkg picked up

    Package status/MONTREAL CA
    10/23/2003 00:46
    _Released for Delivery

    So...my Panther was released for delivery in Montreal, then discovered in California all of a sudden? What happened?
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    Yes, mostly likely you will have to sign for it. If you're not there, you'll have to wait 'til Monday.

    Apple wants everyone to get it tomorrow as much as possible...
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    Powerbook G5

    Mine has been in TN for two days now. I keep looking back and so far since yesterday it has gone from Cordova, TN, to Memphis, TN...not much of a change at all. I just hope it gets here before 4 pm tomorrow or else the mailroom will be closed and I'd be stuck waiting until next week.
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    rancho cordova

    i work in rancho cordova and when i saw the package was there, i was really excited. now it's in memphis and i'm wishing that i had just mission impossibled it while it was still here.
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    I figured it was just FedEx. Mine's funny: Oakland, CA->Memphis->Oakland, CA

    Oct 23, 2003 8:21 pm
    Arrived at Sort Facility_OAKLAND CA_
    5:36 pm
    Left FedEx Sort Facility_MEMPHIS TN_
    12:08 am
    Arrived at FedEx Ramp_OAKLAND CA_
    Oct 22, 2003 11:51 pm
    Left FedEx Origin Location_
    5:29 pm
    Pickup status_
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    At least you know where it is!

    Apple UK have shipped them by parcel post, so it's up to their discretion, and there is no method of tracking the parcel at all!

    My Bluetooth adapter shipped on monday, and I got it today, friday. Panther shipped wednesday, but I was told it would be here today. Still, the parcel man hasn't been yet, so fingers crossed.
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    I'm in the same boat. Tracking? I wish.

    I'll know where it is when I get it. :(

    Actually, since I'm at work today the damn parcel will most likely go back to the depot and I'll have to collect it tomorrow morning...that's if it arrives today
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    I'm in today and tomorrow, but the depot here is only about half a mile, so no big deal. I keep running to the door everytime I hear a car door slam. I'm going crazy. I just want to join in the fun... :)
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    Looks like I was wrong about everything going through Memphis. My Panther left Rancho Cordova around 5 last night, went to Oakland, Los Angeles, and is currently in Sun Valley (about 3 miles away).

    I won't be home so there will be a note on the door. That should work--FedEd accepted a note for delivery of my iBook so you'd imagine something worth 1/10 of that would get the same treatment.
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    you guys have too much time to make all those conspiracy theories about apple shipping.

    i ordered mine (upgrade) wednesday, logged in 10 minutes ago to see ... and it's open. aww.

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