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Apple Pro Speakers and PowerBooks

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by AHDuke99, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Does anyone know if the Apple Pro Speakers(like on the iMac G4) will work with a PowerBook. Does the TiBook have the right kind of port?
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    I have tried to plug them in and it doesn't fit, so i assume that it will not work. I haven't found a good pair of speakers for my ti book yet.... o well

    PowerBook G4 1ghz
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    Re: Apple Pro Speakers and PowerBooks

    i looked at the apple site, and yeah, it says iMacs and Powermacs only, sorry. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APP...a5lq0k3sFPTyUy7E76145/

    those look like the coolest styling to go with a powerbook, they come in a nice silver too:

    ^these seem like a plain cool idea, if a little bit inconsistent with your PB style. still very stylish, just in a different way.

    yeah, that's about it for cool stuff from the apple store.
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    Re: Re: Apple Pro Speakers and PowerBooks

    The last 2 links you listed just give a generic accessory page.

    It's just as well that the Pro Speakers don't work. I tried them on my Dual/GHz/DDR and I was sorely dissapointed. They sound very flat. They have no body at all. They require a subwoofer and even then they don't sound great.
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    This one is a no brainer guys, sound sticks!!
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    Re: obvious

    sound sticks are like 200$ though!
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    Re: Apple Pro Speakers and PowerBooks

    Really? they link for me. must be a cookie thing. sorry.
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    Re: Re: obvious

    Do you want good sound? or just cheap price? I can't stand any speakers made for a computer...I just use studio monitors through an amp...but maybe that's because I use mine for audio. I would most likely deal with the fact that if you want good speakers, you're gonna have to pay.
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    Re: Re: Re: obvious

    i can dig that, i use sennheiser HD 570s myself, along with an old yamaha receiver and some shelf speakers... not great, but better than any computer speakers... i just can't see spending 200$ of those things. they look kinda flimsy, and i don't remember them sounding all that great.
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    They sound awesome on my 450 tower :) i love using em!, but the pro speakers thing is just kinda sad why won't they work in out PB's???

    PowerBook G4 1ghz
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    yeah, that's what i linked to, but the link was cookie or java based so it doesn't work for much of anyone.
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    those 'creature speakers' (I get a kick out of saying that every time)
    are AWESOME. Great sound, but the best part is their looks. Go
    and get them :D.
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    I have the soundsticks on my G4 Tower and they rock, i find that the sound produced is exellent(not the standard of proper professional setups) but for computer speakers there's none better (im denying the existence of the creatures) Shame about the usb though..
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    I'm a Klipsch advocate, personally...I haven't seen any other speakers get consistently high ratings like theirs. That's what you get when a home theater company gets into multimedia speakers...

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    I think Klipsch (as Rower mentioned) and Cambridge Soundworks are two of the top brand models out there. Cambridge has the quality and cheap price, while Klipsch has the looks and elegance.

    Choose your potion. :)
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    surely if your using a laptop being portable and all, wouldnt headphones be better than speakers? i use a pair of beyerdynamic DT150 on my laptop, a bit clunky, but they sound great! :)
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    Why not just use the built-in ones if you're worried about portability? ;)

    However, for desktop replacement usage, or as a main system, you will use it at a desk with speakers...at least I do.
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    Well my iBook has this single crappy speaker (466 Graphite Firewire model), so I find earplugs much better. RadioShack has a pair for $15 that sounds better than Apple's iPod plugs. Plus I can listen to music in private with my iBook.

    And don't call me Surly. :p
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    sennheiser makes some ear bud phones that are just the most incredible earbuds i have ever heard, hands down. 20$ though. they are called the "MD 500s" or something. i use them with my powerbook on the road, and my sennheiser HD570s at home (which are much too big to fit in any sensibly sized travel bag), it's a good combo.

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