Apple Product Placement Reaches New Heights in Netflix Show 'House of Cards'

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    Engadget notes that there appears to be a somewhat extreme example of Apple product placement in an episode of the new made-for-Netflix show House of Cards.

    The site points out that the shot shown above, occurring 31 minutes and 42 seconds into episode six, appears to show nine Apple devices between just two people.
    The piece goes on to note that the main character, played by Kevin Spacey, uses an iMac as his main computer, while his wife also uses an iPhone.

    According to an update on the original article, sources involved in the shooting of the scene shared that Apple provided a significant amount of free equipment for the show and that those devices were what happened to be available for a scene in which characters were monitoring multiple police radio feeds.

    Apple's products have long been featured in movies and television shows, despite Apple's claims that the company does not pay for such placements. The company does, however, provide free devices for product placement, and Apple's popularity and design aesthetic have led many films and shows to take advantage of such offers.

    House of Cards is the first program to be commissioned by the streaming movie and TV show service for exclusive broadcast on Netflix.

    Article Link: Apple Product Placement Reaches New Heights in Netflix Show 'House of Cards'
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    Very slick, Apple.

    (And a great show, too. I'm enjoying it!)
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    Next season it will be renamed "House of (iTunes Gift) Cards"
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    It's pretty common to find that many apple devices on a desk. Doesn't stick out as much as if it was all Samsung.
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    This is a great show! Highly recommended.
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    It would appear the House of Cards directors have exceptional taste.
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    Love the show too, watched it all in one day LOL All 13 episodes in one day on Saturday.

    Very well written show and I too noticed the products all over the place, though I didn't think it was that bad as that's very similar to the setting in mine and my family's house.
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    Happens all over, the amount of samsung galaxy tabs i see on TV shows is madness.
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    there can be never too many apple products at any given time at any given place
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    It's actually the second tv show Netflix has released. Lillehammer was the first.
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    Try again, it is the second. You really need to learn to check facts.

    Edit: I see JGIGS also noted the error in the "reporting."
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    And the iPhone in the glass of water. Don't forget that placement.
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    It really is a great show. I'm on episode 6 already. Kevin Spacey nails it. But the Apple product placement is too much. If they want this to be realistic, at least throw some other vendors in. Though I did see a union head throw what appeared to be a Blackberry against the wall in a hissy fit :D
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    Even though I love Apple there are just too many of their products in this show. It almost feels like an Apple ad :D and they don't even bother covering up the logos like in other shows. To be fair they are not shy about other product placement as well, the way underwood (avid gamer) reacts to PS Vita is just outright advertising :)

    btw the show is just fantastic all the way to the last episode - releasing the whole season in one day is another great thing about it :D
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    Slow news day?
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    Slow comment day?
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    This show was not a network show, so there was no network exec saying "you can't show any branded products unless we get cash for them!"

    So, this is the first show in a long while that can just show their characters using technology without having to cover it up because the company didn't pay.

    That's not product placement, it's the opposite. Product placement is when you pay for placement, which the networks want.

    It's sad that this is what passes for "journalism" these days. Hyped up nonsense written by someone who knows nothing about technology or the industry (talking about engaget here.)
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    screen lock?
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    In many scenes, particularly later in the show, Spacey uses what looks like a blackberry (physical keyboard).

    It's a different device for a reason that serves the plot elements of the show.

    They don't need "Diversity" of placement ,tehy are being realistic.

    Most people who have an iPhone use the iPhone all the time- so of course if the main character has an iPhone that's waht you'll see them using.
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    oh daaaang
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    Looks like my house.
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    Looks like the door hardware used is similar to the door hardware used in Apple stores. The 3-hinge design on large heavy doors. Neat.
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    This could have just as easily been my house. Between my gf and I we have (I don't care to get all the specs so I'll just put the year we got them as the most recent iteration).

    15" MacBook Pro with Retina (2012)
    15" MacBook Pro (2010)
    15" MacBook Pro (2008)
    13" MacBook Pro (2012)
    13" MacBook Air (2012)
    iPad Mini
    iPhone 5
    iPhone 4s
    2 iPhone 4
    iPod Touch (2012)
    iPod Nano (2010)
    Apple TV (3rd gen)
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    Some sounds I've heard are from a BlackBerry. Just started watching the series last night. Time for ep 2.
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    You should look at Homeland & Microsoft product placement. All the computers have this generic branded "Windows" Logo on the back and Skype is used with its logo prominently in scenes.

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