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Apple pro's with a sub-woofer..?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jilter, Nov 11, 2003.

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    How can i keep the Apple Pros (I like the way they look)as satellites and add one of my many sub-woofers laying around the house? What is the criteria my sub would need to work in conjunction with the Apple
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    Since the Pro speakers operate on USB, it could be difficult. I assume if you plug something into the line-out or headphone jack, the speakers mute. If you could find some kind of software that would keep your Pro speakers playing even when you have something connected to the headphone jack (the muting is software controlled), then you could hook up a low-pass crossover to your subwoofer and use it. You'd just hook up the sub to the headphone/line-out jack, and with the crossover, it'd play only bass.
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    actually, the Pro speakers use a proprietary plug that supplies only 2.0 sound and powers the speakers. Youre better off just using different speakers all together.
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    Ah, thats right. I've got one of those ports on my Power Mac. Anyways, I tend to agree with G5orbust, new speakers probably would be better. Or get the Harmon-Kardon soundsticks. They look good and have a sub.
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    Or for 59$ You coul get the iSub and that looks good next to the pro speakers
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    I got a refurbished iSub from MacZone for $40, they still have some. It works great with the pro speakers that came with my iMac. It sometimes doesn't work after I mute the sub though and I have to unplug and replug the usb. Another Panther quirk I guess. :eek:
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    If you have many Sub's lying around it means one of three things:
    1) Your really into Drum and Bass (why did you bother with Apple Pro sprakers)

    2) You have plenty of other speakers as well (so hook them up instead of the pro speakers, since they're crap)

    3) Preformance is the least of you worries, and look are more important.

    My advice is ditch the Pro Speakers, and hook up some real speakers.
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    well put, mate, well put.

    Anyways, heres [what look to be] a pretty decent set for a little bit less than you paid for your pro speakers:

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    O.k. got the point. I guess I did not do enough research. The apple pros that came with my Imac looked so good, I thought they would sound good, and then better with a sub. I will explore hooking up something else I have laying around.
    Thanks for your time guys, appreciate it!
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    If you like the way they look you can always leave them on your desk - just don't plug `em in. :)
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    Spock, have you actually hooked up the ISub to the Apple Pros? I have been advised this would not work on my flat panel Imac. Thank you.
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    iSub, Pro Speakers, iMac 17"

    I have the iSub that I use with my 17" iMac (800MHz running Jaguar). They work great, except that the volume/mute controls on the keyboard do not control the iSub. There's a separate slider in the Control Panel for the iSub. That's the only issue I have with the unit. Sound is very good (but I'm not an audiophile).
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    Thanks for the reply, Jules. Do I understand that your keyboard still controls the Pros but NOT the volume to the ISub? I'm sorry for being a bit uninformed....your 800 is a flat panel..?
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    The iSub will work with the flat panel iMacs and any Power Mac Digital audio (466Mhz) or newer.

    The iSub has a seperate volume control in the sound prefs - but (in panther finally!) when you mute the sound by hitting the key on the keyboard - it will cut sound to the iSub as well.

    For my tastes - I leave the iSub at one volume.
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    BUY REAL SPEAKERS, music sounds much better when not played with a sub, but when the speakers have quality bass respones.

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