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Apple pulls a prank?

Discussion in 'Community' started by tpjunkie, Jan 24, 2004.

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    On apple's site they now have links to view the "1984" superbowl ad. I was watching and then I had to hit pause, because it looks like the hammer thrower is wearing an ipod! Is this some digital manipulation, or a weird coincidence (some kind of walkman?)? Here's a frame grab, but don't take my word for it, the video's available on apple's site

    EDIT: This is definitely a cool little joke from apple. And its definitely an iPod

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    I hope your kidding. This has been all over the macrumors and the net. And yes it is a Sony Walkman. :p
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    Wow, I guess I've been outta the loop...
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    Mr. Anderson

    that or you just came off your binge drinking and sobered up enough to notice it :D

    It has been around for quite some time ;)

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    Heh, I wondered when someone would bring up the drinking
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    Yeah, I remember noticing this when they re-released the ad.

    The iPod looks too big, but that probably has more to do with painting the old walkman out, which is bigger than the iPod.
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    Maybe she's a really small woman. :)
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    I wonder how she got those earbuds to stay put while she was running around with that hammer? ;)
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    I noticed the iPod live via satellite at my local Apple Store. Steve said that, "we just couldn't resist."

    eyelikeart I thought that the earbuds were made substantial enough that they would stay in your ear.;)
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    Re: Apple pulls a prank?

    20th Anniversary Edition. Played at MWSF'04
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    actually she's a very big lady, that was a prototype they were working on in '84, the problem was "iTune" wasn't as catchy as the now ever so famous iTunes and iPod combo.
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    Whoa I noticed that on the day of MWSF, have u been asleep?
    LOL we all have our off days.
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    I figured it out, MWSF was my first day back at college, I was busy at as hell and missed it, so later that night I just came back and skimmed the overview.
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    No problem tpjunkie. I can fully understand your situation. Were you sober at the time?:p
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    jeeeeeeez tp... they make you out to sound like a full on raging alchy! :(
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    OK, I went back and looked at the original 1984 ad and she does not have anything on her - so I don't know why people keep saying that there was a walkman on her waist.

    BTW, yes, good eye catching the iPod. [/sarcasm] ;)
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    Well, they know me from my numerous postings in the "have u ever been drunk" thread...I'm a bit of a regular ;)
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    at macrumors, we don't discriminate against raging alcoholics. otherwise, some of our best posters would be gone.

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    speaking of which, haven't seen you at the drunke thread in a while paul...unlike a bar, its always open.
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    You mean ALL of the best posters would be gone ;) :D

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