Apple rage at iPod emulator

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 10, 2004.

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    Man that's weak. I hope Apple's Lawyers descend out of black helicopters, the next day they find Starbrite's HQ a smoldering cement slab. It's not THAT flattering, more like annoying, that the peecee world is so devoid of creative thought all they can do is copy Apple at every turn... though it's not surprising, most all peecee lusers are devoid of brains.
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    The pBop (aka iPod ripoff) is no long online at StarBrite's website. All Startbrite has up now is contact info. Hehe, looks like Apple has already struck!
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    can you say cease and desist ;)
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    hell hath no fury like apple legal...
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    From what I have read over the last few days ( it doesnt sound like Apple has actually done that much since I gather Apple's patent only covers the actual design of the iPod and not the software. The bPod is a bit of software on an HP PC although still a cheap ripoff!
    I read that the bPod website got spammed badly so they shut down
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    LMAO now thats showing absolute creativity .:D At least they didnt offer to buy out the iPod lmao
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    Yeah it really shows guys the innovation here...

    apple -- Pummel their asses into the ground.
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    from what i hear, apple is coming out with a new ipod soon, which will have a new OS on it, so i'm sure that will be patented up, and no pc thing could bite. anyone hear that about the new ipod?

    oh, the site is down! -

    heres some info on the new ipod

    • 50GB capacity (~12,500 songs)
    • 2" color screen for displaying photos stored on disk
    • Video output jack for connection to a TV, etc.
    • Similar form-factor of "regular" iPod but with iPod mini-style navigation controls
    • Revised embeded OS to support color, etc.
    • $499 list price
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    You might want to check the homepage more often... this info was posted on Apple Insider and on the MacRumors homepage...

    Soooo, yeah we know.

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