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Apple RAW Update 4.05

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by YodaATmac, Apr 25, 2013.

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    That model was just announced in late February. Give it some time.
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    thx. I'll do, i'll do...
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    a month later... still waitin'. I wonder what's actually the reason for that?

    I refuse to believe, that apple is just that ignorant... is it?
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    Just because Apple doesn't conform to your personal timetable or expectations doesn't make it ignorant. Your impatience won't change anything.
  6. YodaATmac, May 27, 2013
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    In all respect sir, it's not my "personal" impatience. I'm aware of googles features and able to use them. are you too?

    I'm sure apple has a reason, i just wonder which. I'm conviced it's not ignorance. I'm just tired of workarounds... and I still like aperture more than lightroom. even aperture's gettin' a little retro. the missing raw support is not the main reason stating this.

    I'm also fully aware of not being able to change anything, cuz apple does not care... which on the other side does not make me happy and I am also aware of being not alone with that.

    I would appreciate a constructive comment very much. what about you? Maybe you just get off your high horse and start a conversation or just ignore it and ride by.
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    I'm not on any "high horse", but there's nothing to be gained by complaining about it in a forum and there's nothing "constructive" that can be said. Apple will provide support for new hardware according to their timetable. Consumers aren't going to change that. You can provide feedback on Apple's site, but beyond that, the only thing left to do is wait.
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    The reason I'm asking here is, that I hope for an "independent knowledge". Complaining on a corporate platform is in my opinion spoiled energy. Have you ever seen a "truthful" corporate answer to a complaint or negative feedback?
    I didn't, and if you did - well I envy you.

    Btw. https://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa#/ask/raw support nikon d7100

    anyway... btw. you're absolutely correct about "waiting". The whole world's doin' so.
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    Finaly here it is:

    RAW Update 4.06...

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    You see, all it took was a little patience.

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