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Apple Recalls AppleTv 3rd Gen

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jota73, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Ok so, based on the information that I found at 9to50mac I went to the apple reseller in Colombia (premium reseller) I showed my appletv and let them see that mine had the serial number that the post said.

    Basically, they said they had to request for an approval! They wanted me to give them my appletv and wait for 1 week if they change it or not.

    I strongly disagree with this procedure, as I consider that if apple has decided to publicize the serial numbers is because they have done all the necessary technical diligences to provide full support and replacement to current owners of those appletvs.

    I am trying to send to apple a formal letter letting them know how customers are mistreated and how Apple promise on great customer experience is being killed by this smart as..s.

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    And you should complain about the service. If you've got one with the correct serial # then it should be replaced. That said, there were some conditions placed on the replacements. But from other posts here, replacement was prompt if they had a new unit in stock.
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    Read the link you posted again.IF THEY DETERMINE YOURS HAS A PROBLEM, and IF it has the serial # listed you get a new one.It's not a blanket recall.
    Does yours even have a connection problem?You didn't say.
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    And how at the apple store, do they determine if you have a connection problem. There are plenty of other people posting that say they took theirs in and it was promptly exchanged (if it had the correct serial #).
  5. jota73, Apr 27, 2013
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    my appletv has some wifi connection problems, its not common but sometimes has problems, so then, if I take my Apple TV and somehow they see it works properly (as stated, its not common - not always) should I then have to keep a defective Apple TV?

    C'mon if they listed specific serial numbers they should change all of the ones that match that criteria, not letting the tech guy determine whether or not to exchange it.

    How or where can I send the letter to apple? is there a place to send my unsatisfacion and letting Apple know about this situation?
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    Slightly misleading title, assumed it was widespread.. Nearly ripped mine out the TV :rolleyes:
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    Here in mexico the only option is to pay 20.00 us for a service call to apple to get info, there are no apple stores and the resellers do not care. Thanks Apple.:( Apple will not talk to you unless you pay them.

    Mine does have wifi dropouts and fits the serial number.
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    Sensational title man!

    You may want to re-read the article.
  10. Toltepeceno, Apr 28, 2013
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    Well, I am going to have to either pay for the call or buy apple care if I want to speak to someone about it. The good is I can get it on the US side cheaper than here in Mexico and it's good globally. The bad is that I have to do it in the first place.

    Update: I got apple care off ebay fore 9.99, we'll see how that works. They said they can email the code.

    You might try that jota73.
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    I will wait and see what they will say locally, this week is their ultimatum to respond.

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    I also posted this in another thread, but here is my experience today.

    I was able to swap mine out with no problem. It was the 4th and 5th letter that matched (not 3rd and 4th). I made an appointment with the genius and it took 5-10 min for him to check it and swap it out with a new(er) one.

    I haven't had problems connecting to my network, just Apple's or Netflix's causing me to restart a couple of times per week for it to work.

    My new apple TV was manufactured Dec 2012.
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    I got the applecare, she sent me the code before shipping the papers, and called the US number (I have a vonage number). A lady there did a case and told me she would ship me a new one (not to mexico) or I could take it into an apple store and swap it. I have 2 years and I'm still in the first year so I will just do it that way since we will be visiting up there before long.
  14. JMEANS, Apr 29, 2013
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    Whoa! Just bought 2 ATV3's in the past 2 weeks and didn't hear anything about this until now- here?! Haven't even taken one out of the shrink wrap yet, was wondering if someone could direct me to the link or the issue and serial # I need to be looking for? I am in Canada. Would be hugely appreciated - Thanks JIM
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    Go to the 9to5 link in the first post for the details on serial numbers. It is not a widespread problem and applies to a few of the units sold between feb and dec 2012. I have an ATV with the appropriate serial no. but have had no issues at all with my wifi.
  16. JMEANS, Apr 29, 2013
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    Thanks 'institute' yeah the 1st ATV3 I opened is Ethernet so guess I wouldn't of experienced anything in the past week anyway. I plan on wifi the second one -

    However I do not see the link in the 1st post that you are referring...
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    I happened upon an article about this and was thrilled to hear I could exchange my AppleTV. I love the thing, but it has never been reliable. It's like an old brick cell phone that is constantly dropping calls. My advice: call the Apple retail store.

    After hearing everyone's issues, which seems like a horrible experience that could be avoided if Apple would man up, I decided to call my local Apple retail. Granted it was the Stanford Shopping Mall storefront and customer service is usually better there than anywhere else because the snobby elite demand it and I'm usually willing to elbow my way through them to get my Apple products. This is what happened...

    1. Called Apple retail store and spoke to a very nice girl who was actually HAPPY that I called because she said she could fix my problem without making me wait or waste a trip to the store if they didn't have the part. Who's happy to take calls about bad products? Incredibly nice.

    2. Tell her my product is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues and that the serial number matches the malfunctioning units mentioned. 4th and 5th CHARACTERS! Previous poster was correct, THANK YOU!

    3. She tells me she'll order the part and it will be in before Friday. "You will receive an email and a phone call letting you know when it is in."

    4. She calls me back 5mins later, "I found one! I've put your name on it and you can come in anytime to exchange your AppleTV. You won't have to wait and my name is ---------- if you have any problems."


    It's truly shameful that it hasn't been as easy for everyone else. We're all customers with the same defective product. Somehow I think that if I had gone to the closest Apple retail store I might have had a different experience. Of course I'm not willing to test that theory, I'll drive from my neighborhood (which in comparison is a downright third-world country) to the affected Stanford Shopping Mall.

    Best of luck everyone!
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    Mine works fine from day#1, not even gonna check the stoopid ID.
  20. Defender2010, May 17, 2013
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    I think the real issue is that you stated you went to an "Apple reseller". In an official Apple Store you would most likely have had it swapped out on the spot. Resellers take many forms, the service level is inconsistent in comparison to Apple Stores themselves.
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    just got the two of mine replaced. really easy! wifi seems much better so far too.

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