Apple Refurbished iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by todd2000, Jul 19, 2006.

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    So im running out of space on my iPod, I only have like 800MB left. I want to upgrade but am kinda cheap :). Do you think Apple's Refurbs are worth it? What exactally do they mean by refurb? Do they replace the batteries before they sell them? Basically Im asking if the refurbs will last, or if there are a lot of problems with them? Would you buy one?
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    Refurbs are usually the last stock or ipods that people have returned and have been fixed but are normally top quality. I have 3 refurb ipods, none of them came scratched or anything and still work. The refurbs are worth it. On the US store (correct me if i am wrong as in UK), there are like 25-30% off original prices.
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    You are correct, and in the US store they are now giving away iPod accecories with a refurb iPod purchase!
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    Do it

    I did. I got a refurbished 20 gig ipod to replace the one someone stole from me :mad: It is a newer model than the one it replaced and I love it. It was a great deal too, a click wheel model for $169. The 40 gig is like $199 and comes with a dock.
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    Back a couple years ago I bought a new 20 gig iPod for full price at the Apple store, but I hadn't heard of the refurbs - and of course my brother bought a refurbished 3g 30 gig for less, with more space and a dock.
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    Yeah thats the one im looking at, It will double what I have now with my 20G, which should last me a while (I Hope).
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    I got one

    I got the 40 gig 4G iPod a month or two ago at $200 (51% off). However when I got mine it did not work. To put a long story short they replaced it with no hassle and now it works great. I think that that one is the best value per gig then any other referbished ipod right now.
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    And Duct Tape....Don't forget the Duct tape :) LOL
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    ...and I just ordered a refurb shuffle for my gf's mom tonight...came with a free armband!
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    Looks like I'll be selling my Current 4TH Generation 20G Ipod, and some other odds and ends I have that I don't use anymore and buying a refurb 40G. Yay!
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    I ordered a refurb mini after my 4G got stolen and I have been anxiously awaiting its delivery. Its driving me effing crazy all this waiting! I'll be sure to let you know when I get it (I'm hopeing today or tomorrow) :)
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    Get the refurb unless you are a picky sob like me and want newer stuff. A bunch of my friends have refurb iPods, Powerbooks and the like and they are all good as new. Non have had any blimishes and purr like kittens...

    Best thing, for the computers, they get the bugs ironed out, they go back through some testing before they are sent back out.

    Good luck on your purchase...
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    Okay, so I finally got my refurb iPod mini in the mail today! Yay! However, I am at work and so I havent yet unwrapped it. From first looks, it seems prestine. The belt clip is fairly scratched but I dont really care. I'll post more when I get home and plug it in to my PB :)
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    Refurbished ipod :)

    Hi guys im new to this whole "forums" thing, but i had a question that i coulndt find anywere question is what is th packaging that a refurbished ipod comes in, i ordered a refurb. ipod video 30gb last friday, and i was just wondering if it comes in a box just like every other ipod,(ive owned alost every model so i no what there box looks like)? if anyone could tell me this i would appreciat it, im sooo excited i just cant wait to get my ipod! thnks -Kyle:)
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    I got refurb 4th gen 20G last month. Came in perfect condition. They come in regular cardboard boxes. They even include stickers!
    Why couldn't have done that last month!:mad:
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    I bought a refurbed Shuffle for $40. Works great!
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    I must admit, upon further inspection, I am a little bit dissappointed with the shape that my refurb mini came in. It works great and everything, and I would not have minded a few scratches on the back, but it has quite a huge stain (I think its just a really wide scratch?) right on the front of it. I tried using a moist cloth to get it off to no avail... other than that, its in great shape.

    Oh yeah, any advice how to get that stain/scratch off would be much appreaciated :)
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    Mr.Clean magic eraser?
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    2 refurb ipods.
    very happy.
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    OMG, good call!! I'll try to pick that up tonight if they have it at our local store :)
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    No prob!:)
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    Yeah I just wanted to clear this up for the benefit of everyone else. So I got the Mr Clean thingy and cleaned my mini. Everything came right off! Its as good as new! Turns out it was just quite dirty with some smudges and stains.

    So if you're thinking of buying refurb, go ahead! I'm loving mine even more than my previous 4G :)
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    Glad it worked good!
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    I have to say, those things really are magic. It took my 3G 30GB iPod which was almost gray and made it white again. I didn't think it was something salvageable. It almost looked like someone had stripped the white out from the inside, but the Mr. Clean Magic Erase got it looking like new.
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    i also ordered a refurb shuffle w/ free armband and was wondering if any has tried to use the apple armband with a shuffle skin, such as the iskin duo, or do you have to remove the case each time?

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