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Apple Refuses to pay 10 Euro Tax on each iPod Sold

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 9, 2004.

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    What tight-arses. If I were to buy an iPod in France I'd be paying approx. 90€ for purchase tax alone (20%). :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Apple are taking the piss, they are choosing to ignore local laws.

    If a non american company did this in the US, this forum would have been filled out howls of condemation - "how dare they ignore US laws etc etc", "who do they think they are".

    Right or wrong any law / tax - companies must adhere to local laws.
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    Yes, pay to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.
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    Good to see them take a stand against unfair taxes such as that, hopefully other companies will follow.
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    ..and watch the French get pissed off and force Apple products off the shelves... which the French are quite entitled to do.
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    Savage Henry

    But laws can change, often through political/popular pressure. And these are only there as a trade barrier. Every country does it in as many markets as possible to protect their own.

    But I seem to re-call the French also banning the iPods because they were too loud as well. Apple had to release a piece of Firmware to bring it down, so perhaps they just hate the bleeding little thing.

    Anyway, taxes tend to do more than just line the pockets of politicians, so until it's changed Apple must pay. Sorry.
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    This blurb is quoting another site, so I think I'll wait for official word from Apple before making any comments on their decision. However, why in the world are France and Canada taxing devices for the ability to play MP3s?? :confused:
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    what the hell is the reasoning behind higher tazes for MP3 players? this is ridiculous
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    Dont Hurt Me

    this is what happens when more people are employed by the govt then the private sector. France has many problems. solution? dont buy your pod there and dont sell your pod there. I wonder what COMPUTER GIANT :rolleyes: is going to do?
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    It helps the beleaguered music industry. :rolleyes: One would wonder if France is the country holding up the iTunes Music Store for Europe.


    That's probably not so far off. Remember how Airport (and Airport Extreme) work in a frequency range used by the French military? I'm surprised the French use standard DVDs, considering that they created SECAM to be different.
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    Music companies making criminals out of us:

    "the larger capacity your Digital player, the more illegally copied music you will have on your disc".

    Which, is of course, Complete bollocks.
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    its the french way of life soon to be european way of life. soon to be world way of life attitude blame RIAA or who ever they talk big in court rooms but scared ****tless outside them..
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    They do this on a much smaller scale in Canada...

    But -- The canadians then give a kick back to people like the RIAA...

    Its complete crap. Really people...

    If you have a cd collection you can fill your iPod.


    Booo taxes.
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    What's ridiculous is that they can legally make the assumption that you have illegally purchased music. The same is true for blanks CDs in the United States, now, because it is assumed you will use them to illegally copy material onto. How creepy and borderline totalitarian can you get?

    I expected more from France. And from Canada, for that matter.
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    Let's not turn this into an "anti-French" thread :p :p :p

    In France will also pay extra tax on storage media like CDs and DVDs to make up for any non-legitimate use of the media. Though this is not fair, it's the law. And if you live within a given society, you have to obey its laws...

    My point is: I pay taxes, they may not be fair, but I pay them. It's the law. Apple should be paying this tax too. I'm not saying is not an unbelivably stupid, absolutely unfounded tax, but it's the law. If they want to do business in France (I sometimes wonder if they really do), they have to abide to French and European law.

    I mean, 450€ (approx 540USD) for a 20GB iPod, and they can't pay 10€ on the *huge* profit (it retails at 400USD + tax in the States...) they make? What a bunch of tight-arses. :eek: :mad:

    I know they have to pay taxes to import the 'Pods to France, but an extra $100+?
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    Expect more from France? All I expect from France (the leadership, not the people) are hipocrisy and bigotry. They want to ban religious garments in schools and hospitals now, talk about tolerance.
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    Savage Henry

    Sure, the French have got their share of bigots, but us lot in the other side of the channel have a fair few members.

    When the Channel Tunnel was being constructed we had a group of imbeciles thinking that as soon as it opened we would have disease ridden foaming rabid animals pouring into the UK destorying the fabric of the British society from the French shores, because that's what it's like over there :confused: :p :p

    So I can't really complain about the French for being bigots, so I won't. In the iPod case they are just doing what other countries would like to. If the law was in place before the iPod came around then I don't see how Apple can really complain.
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    Oh, so now Apple is above the law? What, you think Apple cares for the French customer? You think Apple doesn't want the French customer paying too much? Then they should start using the normal dollar-euro currency-rate.
    Some resellers are directly importing from a third party us reseller, paying customs, and shipping fees and taxes, they still come out 18% cheaper for the ipod than buying it directly from Apple Europe. That's just bloody ridiculous.

    Hey, Apple makes great products, but as a company they absolutely suck.
    • How long did it take to get international iPhoto printing? (yeah, yeah, in the whole EU there were no photo companies that can print digital photos.. sure, keep telling yourself that)
    • How many international Apple stores are there?
    • How localised is Sherlock?
    • Where is the itunes music store? (There are allot of EU digital music stores, eventough itms had a head start..)
    • Why the delays in shipping products between US and the rest of the world?

    Apple will have to stop being a little US company that happens to export their products too, and become a decent international company if they want to grow.
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    You have apparently no idea what you're talking about. Keep politics for the appropriate forums... :rolleyes:

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