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Apple Releases AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Apple has released AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002 for Mac.

    The 7.7MB download includes general fixes and compatibility updates for the following applications:

    - AirPort Utility
    - AirPort Disk Utility
    - AirPort Base Station Agent

    AirPort Utility v5.2.1 for Mac OS X 10.4.x or later software supports the AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n, AirPort Extreme Base Station and AirPort Express Base Station.

    Article Link: Apple Releases AirPort Base Station Update 2007-002
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    Hopefully speed issues are resolved!
    My update is 8.9MB

    EDIT: Don't look at me... :) I didn't vote yet. I will after i install and test it though.
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    Good Grief!!
    No comments and already a negative vote.What IS with some people?
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    Airport Disk Utility? I don't suppose this would do anything so cool as enabling me to plug an external hard drive into my Airport Express?

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    Oh boy !

    If its not bad its good ! :apple: :)
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    Keep releasing updates until it works, but how about some more features?
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    If the new Airport Utility supports the old AEBS (now?), can I install it to use instead of Airport Admin utility et al?
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    These kind of description doesn't mean a thing to me.

    Oops.. my stupidity. I moved all the AirPort-related apps to another folder.

    I noticed something new, e.g. no more dialogue box for assist me or manual setup, detects which specific model of AirPort base station(s) I have.
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    Software update found it for me. It didn't update the actual base stations, just the software. I was having problems with the software detecting my base stations, perhaps it's a fix for that.
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    Connection faster

    Just updated and my internet connection is definitely much faster.
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    Pending a sarcasm detector - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5bjG204aIM - yes, you can do that. :p
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    My gigabit AEBS arrives tomorrow from Apple :D
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    Westside guy

    If you try to use the installer, it'll tell you "no". But you can open up the package and install the pieces yourself (I just did). It seems to work just fine; plus none of the pieces replace anything from the rev. 4 admin utility so you don't have to worry too much about breakage. :D
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    Ahhh, thanks! :)

    But then the contents don't seem to have anything usable for me. I guess I have to backtrack to an earlier file and actually get Airport Utility 5.0 installed... not that I really need it. :)
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    Wtf?! This is an updated for the configuration utility not the base station firmware. Your base station isn't updated in anyway. There should be no change in network performance.
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    Westside guy

    Open the Archive.pax.gz file - it'll contain files that need to go into /System/Library and /Applications/Utilities.

    Of course, if anything breaks - you get to keep both pieces. :p
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    Still not working with my Acomdata external harddrive

    I was hoping this update would finally fix my external harddrive issue, but no dice. The drive is recognized by my computer, but when I try to connect to the drive with the password, the base station goes offline and won't come back on until I physically unplug the drive from basestation. If it weren't for the speed bump from my original Airport, I'd be thinking about asking for a refund right about now. I think the base station firmware needs an update to fix this problem, and I know from Apple's support forums I'm not the only one with this issue.:mad:
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    Kaptajn Haddock

    I have the exact same problem, and so does many others when you look in Apple discussions.
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    Im with you on that one.. while not the same problem I have had terrible throughput from day 1..
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    I have the same hard drive issues i use a venus DS3R hard drive enclosure on single settings so both hard drives can be used seperatly that holds two 750gb hard drives and the base station will see both drives in the airpot utility but i cannot access them with airport disk utility it just says bad login.If i remove a hard drive from the case it will se one drive and let me access it.Also it is said that apple did not put firewire on the AES
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    k2k koos

    Doesn't work....

    i have an Airport Express, which is said to be supported in this update.
    However when I down load this update, it says it can't be installed as I need version 5 of the Airport utility, which did not come with my Airport.
    Searching Apple's website , I could not find a version 5 for download though.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

  22. 4np
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    I assume it's only an Airport Utility update; not an Airport Express Firmware change.

    I hope they'll soon upgrade the Airport Express to 802.11n (I don't need the extreme's routing functionality) or upgrade the Airport Extreme to support Airtunes as well...

    It sucks having a 802.11n card in my laptop and not being able to use the 802.11n speeds just because Apple decided to leave Airtunes out of the Extreme and not to upgrade the Express...

    Probably they don't want their different devices to compete with Apple TV or something... But that's just stupid as I would never buy Apple TV but I do want Airtunes...
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    WOW! Safari is much more snappier now!
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    My Gigabit AEBS arrived today, looks just like the old one. Update didn't seem to affect my internet speeds.

    Strange, again the CD does not include the Windows version of AirPort Utility v5. Anyone else have this problem? Guess I'll have to call Apple to see if they can mail me another install CD.
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    Airport Express

    I read some previous replies regarding Airport Express - anyone have success in installing this update for the Airport Express?

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