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Apple Releases Airport Utility 6.2 with Guest Wi-Fi and Printer Improvements

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Apple has released an updated version of its AirPort Utility wireless network manager, bringing it to version 6.2.

    The update contains the usual improvements and bug fixes, but Apple mentions three specific changes:
    The update weighs in at 20.64MB and is available through Apple's software update website.

    Update: Apple has also released AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware Update 7.6.3 for updating the units themselves.

    Finally, the AirPort Utility app for iOS has also been updated to add the new functionality.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Airport Utility 6.2 with Guest Wi-Fi and Printer Improvements
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    I wonder if this update hints at impending AC routers soon...
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    Why isn't this available as a mac app store update?
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    Already updated. Minor fixes that I do notice. Overall, nothing special. The extended Guest Wi-Fi is minimally impressive and should've been done since the first time Guest was included.
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    After installing I now have updates showing up for my Airport's and Time Capsules.
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    I noticed this problem to, but I was able to update this on my sisters notebook running Mac OS X Snow Leopard with no problem.:confused:
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    It was for me.
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    I wish they'd return some of the functionality that existed in Airport Utility 5. (It's still what they distribute to Windows). I run Airport Utility 5 alongside 6, but so far 5 does more than even 6.2!
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    okay, i just saw it said it was available at an apple.com support page.
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    Same here, TC firmware update to 7.6.3 I think. Don't know if this is because I've been negligent in updating my TC, or if this is a new firmware to coincide with the Airport Utility. Also not sure if the badge on the Airport Utility advising of available firmware update is new or not, but it helped.
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    The firmware is new. And the badge has been a feature for a while. Apparently you're not as negligent as you thought :)
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    I wonder if they'll update the Windows version of AirPort Utility. :confused:
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    It was for me?

    Edit: Sorry, just saw you responded to someone about this already.
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    System updates take a little longer to load and show on the list than app updates do. Wait at the update screen a little longer, and it should show up.
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    About time!

    FINALLY! glad they allowed you to extend the guest network! That was really annoying and disappointing before…THANKS
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    I know. I keep a copy of 5.x because it gives more options.
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    This article is slightly misleading. There's two different downloads... The specific firmware for the 802.11n compatible devices (v.7.6.3), AND the Airport Utility (v.6.2). The firmware download page for the base stations is here (http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1617)

    Looks like Icaras got it before me, by the way. :cool:
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    For me it was…
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    Absolutely agree. I do the same thing, because without it you can't see network logs, such as wifi clients and DHCP clients. Please Apple, at least make this version of AU as functional as it was before.
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    No prob Icaras. This comes for me just in time because I got an Airport Express to extend my network last week.
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    Not seeing any update showing in Airport Utility on my older 802.11n Airport Extreme even though it claims this update is for all 802.11n routers. Currently it's running 7.6.1
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    As Apple does not mention it in its press release: I assume 6.2 has not reimplemented the 5.x feature that allows you to backup a Time Capsule to an external USB drive?
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    This update broke my network.

    I still have internet on my iMac (through Ethernet) but can't connect to my Wi-Fi network on my MacBook/iPad/iPhone, even though I can see it. Also, my Time Capsule and Airport Express appear as missing in the Airport Utility.
    Tried resetting my Time Capsule but it does nothing (it's "stuck" with a green light). Tried unplugging and plugging back in, the Airport Utility recognizes it for a little while, and then it goes missing again.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Can you see the time capsule and airport express on the iMac?

    Try unplugging the time capsule for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. Give it time to boot up.

    When the drive in my time capsule failed it did some wonky things before refusing to boot back up from power cycling it.

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