Apple Releases Aperture Update, Responds To Rumors

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 4, 2006.

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    Apple today released Aperture 1.1.1, a minor release to its professional photo editing and workflow application. According to Macworld, issues addressed in the update include a white balance bug and a fix for a false "incompatible display" warning.

    Perhaps more significantly, Apple also responded to a recent report by Think Secret of Apple's Aperture team getting broken up."The reports of Apple reducing their commitment to Aperture are totally false," Kirk Paulsen, Apple's Senior Director Pro Applications Marketing, told Macworld. "In fact, we've got more people working on Aperture right now than ever before."
    Think Secret's report has come under scrutiny, with many pointing to an Apple programmer's blog stating that he has been recently been transfered to the Aperture team. Apple's statements today seem to support the notion that Apple is maintaining strong development support of Aperture, although they do not necessarily refute the notion that the original team may have been disbanded.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Aperture Update, Responds To Rumors
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    Could be that Apple is just starting from scratch (regarding the Aperture team).
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    Good to hear they are dispelling the rumors. I've got a lot invested in the program.
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    Or at least did a major change in management and staff on the project.
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    Don't think so - Gruber's had a couple of great articles on this rumor.

    Aperture Dirt
    More Aperture Dirt
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    This is great news. I always found it curious that Apple would abandon Aperture, as it is just getting started and has a lot of potential - glad to hear now that this isn't the case after all and that Aperture well be around far beyond its 1.1.1 incarnation. :cool:
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    It's good to know that Apple's developer's do not have the job security of say government workers... If you aren't performing you will be replaced... and if your whole team is underperforming it will be disbanded and we will start from scratch.

    I'll feel much better about my upcoming Aperture purchase now that the abandonment rumor has been dispelled.
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    And now you actually have a machine you can use to run it (or at least you will soon)!
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    I am really happy to hear this, I was wondering why Apple would stop development on software this early but I am glad to see the update and hopefully version 2 with some really good new features.
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    Apeture competition

    I think that Apple was feeling the heat from Adobe Lightroom. Maybe Steve just wants to stay ahead of Adobe on this one.
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    Leave it to ThinkSecret to get it wrong again. The product manager for Aperture has been posting in the product's forum on Apple's discussion board for weeks now---so I figured TS was completely wrong.

    Anyways, it's good to see Apple announcing continued development and support for Aperture. It's still in its early stages, but the UI is very nice (especially compared to Adobe Lightroom).
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    Great article. Thanks for the links and enlightement. :) Can't believe that Think Secret still exists. :rolleyes:
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    This is a market Apple needs to pursue. Leaving did not make an sense. With this news I am inclined to still purchase Aperture when I get the cash.
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    I Thought Maybe They Were Throwing In The Towel In Face Of Lightroom From Adobe

    I Thought Maybe They Were Throwing In The Towel In Face Of Lightroom From Adobe. Good news.
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    I just returned from a shoot in Annapolis - the Volvo Race just rolled into town. I snapped 400 frames.

    I'm about to put it on the Web, burn a DVD and send contact sheets to my publisher. This is less than an hour and a half after I loaded the images.

    I couldn't do that in Lightroom (yes, I've tried) or Photoshop if my life depended on it. Period.

    And yes, I occasionally need Photoshop - but you know what? With full screen mode, and the pain in the ass it is to export to Photoshop, you learn really quickly how to take better pictures.

    Before, with Photoshop it was like, oh yeah, here, I'll clean that up. With Aperture, it's harder to fix, and you learn to take better pictures of the bat. I know that sounds retarded, but it's for real. :)

    Very happy to hear it's staying around.
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    Boy, that was a slow denial!

    How would you like to have been an Aperture engineer during the past week?
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    Who's the person who always votes negative to every story? Are you doing it to be different, or something else. I am just curious. I'm bothered at all, just intrested :)

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    Well, much of the original team COULD have been fired or re-assigned, with replacements ready to step in immediately--or even overlap with the outgoing emloyees. So TS could still be right.

    Or they could be being fed misinformation, whether by Apple or just bad sources. In which case "MacBooks this month" falls into question! :eek:

    Well, there are a certain number of people who frequent MacRumors who either have it in for Apple, or, more likely, simply don't get why we like our computers so much, and are annoyed or left-out feeling.

    A handful of them probably habitually click the "Negative" button no matter what. I'm sure others habitually click "Positive" no matter what.
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    Perhaps some members trust rumor sites more than authorized news sources and think this is just more evidence that Aperture is being dropped!

    It's another reminder that we look at clues, rarely proof, about Apple's plans.
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    So you have to buy a new machine to run Aperture:(
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    Ha, thank you Apple. Now Curves and Chromatic aberration correction please.
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    I'm not an Aperture user (yet), but this is great news anyway. :) And yay for an update!
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    No no no, iGary's got a whole thread devoted to the problems he has had with his main workhorse PowerMac. It has nothing to do with Aperture's hardware requirements.
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    What's up with TS's reports for 2006? So many of them are way off base. They might want to find some new "informed sources." :rolleyes:

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