Apple Releases Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.2

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by John.B, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.2

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    sweet, thanks for the heads up..
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    Ahhh, glad to have my T2i supported. :)

    Does anyone know what "issues" existed with the processing of Canon 30D RAW files that this supposedly corrects? I had a Canon 30D a while back and have lots of RAW images from that camera...
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    Still waiting for s-RAW for 5D MKII's....
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    "Still waiting for s-RAW for 5D MKII's...."

    Why?> You've already got access to the latest DPP software from Canon's site. It's a better conversion than ACR and Aperture anyway;) Use DPP and export to Ap3 for editing, etc.
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    I thought that went in with Update 3.0?
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    Sorry, I didn't really read the post. I thought it was just support for OSX. It would be nice if 10.6.3 could let me see my s-RAW files through the OS like I can with my full size RAW's and not in Lightroom or DPP.
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    Westside guy

    I expect it works that way, although one of the T2i owners would have to verify that. But with this update I expect Preview, Quick Look, and the icon view should now work with these RAW files as well as iPhoto and Aperture (which the announcement explicitly listed).

    Could one of you T2i owners either confirm or rebut this?
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    Confirmed on all counts. T2i RAW files are viewable in Aperture, Preview, Quick Look and icon view.
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    Interesting. I dont use iphoto or Aperture. Therefore I cant run this update (i just tried and was told by the OS that its just for iphoto and aperture.....but it appears if I installed iphoto (which I have but not installed) and ran the update (or 3.0 at least) I can view my 5D MK II s-RAW files in the finder/preview/quick Look?
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    Westside guy

    It'd be an easy enough thing to try - I doubt iPhoto is going to tie up an inordinate amount of your disk space. I'd think it should do exactly what you say.

    But given how these updates work (on the OS not the app), it is a rather weird restriction they've placed on them IMHO.
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    So after I installed iPhoto and ran the update I can now see my s-RAW files in the finder window and preview. Why Apple cant just update the OS to support it is beyond me but its working.
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    Westside guy

    I'm a little late with this - but thank you!
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    I was wondering if the preview version of Aperture 3 would be enough to get this raw update to install...

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