Apple Releases Firmware to Activate PowerNap on 2011 MacBook Airs

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    One of the new features found in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is PowerNap. PowerNap was introduced at WWDC 2012 and allows your Mac to continue to perform tasks such as receiving email and updating software even when it's sleeping.

    Apple lists the full capabilities in this Knowledge Base document. Capabilities include getting new Mail, syncing Calendar, Contact and Reminder changes, and more. When plugged into power, your Mac can download software updates and make backups with Time Capsule.

    Apple only supports PowerNap on 2011 MacBook Airs and beyond as well as the 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. The capability should move over to more of Apple's laptops as Apple makes a full transition to SSD. Built-in flash storage is listed as one of the requirements of the technology. Apple just released a firmware update that enables this functionality in the 2011 MacBook Airs, while support for the Retina MacBook Pro is said to be "coming soon".

    Article Link: Apple Releases Firmware to Activate PowerNap on 2011 MacBook Airs
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    SNB gets some love!
  3. daneoni, Jul 25, 2012
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    If you have a 2.5" SSD (Apple branded or not) can forget it.
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    This is so ridiculous that it is still not activated on my Powerbook.
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    Not on my rMBP yet! :mad:
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    You don't have a Powerbook. Stop trying to be funny.
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    Yet the rMBP gets no love.. :(
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    Can developers make powernap work with their applications too?
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    Is there a real reason for this or is it just BS like many of the features left off older iphones? I can tolerate it on a mobile device but if they start leaving key features off of my computer for no reason (because lets face it even a core 2 duo has enough power to do any of these features) my 2010 imac will be my last mac
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    Is this a new requirement? I thought PowerNap only required flash storage and SSD, and initially didn't state 2011 Airs or newer only.
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    No desktop love at all?
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    Mr. Retrofire

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    I bet you're a blast at parties

    Interesting. So essentially PowerNap only works on Macs with built-in flash storage?
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    Can you go to the App Store to get these, or do you need to download them from the Knowledge Base article mentioned? (My computer's specs are here.)
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    I was wondering where it was. I looked under energy earlier and couldn't find it
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Apple never said that Power Nap v1.0 supports Macintosh desktop computers.
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    Flash storage is SSD. That like saying it requires a Hard disk, and HDD. Same thing.
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    MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) - Coming soon

    Just a tad bit odd how nothing is quiet smooth today when it comes to all the software updates.
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    Not a fan of updating thru the app store app. Firmware updated without issue, thankfully.
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    Nope. SSDs can also be composed of other solid-state memory technologies other than NAND flash, like DRAM.
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    I have a MacBook pro mid 2009 with ssd installed as main drive. Would this till work? I haven't seen any options in system settings to turn the feature on. Just wondering. Not sure yet how useful this would be
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    It's very disappointing that Power Nap only works on Macs with the blade-type SSDs.
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    I understand that. It doesn't work on Late 2010 Macbook Air? It meets those requirements.
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    2010 mba

    grrr... asides from thunderbolt and "i5", there is nothing that really separates the mid 2010 MBA's from the 2011's. :(

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