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Apple Releases 'iTunes Movie Trailers' App for iOS

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Amidst the flurry of other software releases today, Apple has also pushed out a new iTunes Movie Trailers app [App Store] for iOS. The new universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch offers easy access to Apple's library of movie trailers.
    The app includes a number of features, including integration with iCloud to push theater and trailer notifications across devices.
    iTunes Movie Trailers is a free app compatible with iOS 4.3 or later on the iPad 2, original iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and third- and fourth-generation iPod touch.

    Article Link: Apple Releases 'iTunes Movie Trailers' App for iOS
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    US only by the looks of it... :rolleyes:
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    And Aperture also got an update...

    It will only install if you're running 10.7.2...
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    Ninja Dom

    Not available in the UK yet.

    And I was browsing the Apple trailers site earlier today.
  5. zin
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    No reason why it should be US-Only. I'd say give it time to propagate. Or, they're intentionally delaying international roll-out, like with the Apple Store App.
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    This app works with iOS 4.3 or greater, which means Verizon CDMA users will have to upgrade to iOS 5 to use it, not that that's a big deal.
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    thats pretty cool. Especially for the iPad
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    Nice little surprise

    This is a nice little surprise on the iOS 5 and iCloud release day.
    The app itself is slick and it's nice to be able to watch trailers so easily on the phone, but selecting Movies under Theaters crashes the app for me.
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    So basically, Apple just killed most movie preview apps :)
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    NICE surprise!

    I'v been waiting this a long time, i'v been thinking why they haven't made this a long time ago, because apple has great trailer page which i use alot with my computer also i have shortcut for that site in my iPhone :)
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    Sweeeet, this will help me through some bored lectures with my ipad :cool:
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    Weird that they didn't have this all along. On the mac iTunes there was always a trailer section but not on the iOS devices. Even appleTV had a trailer section. Glad they finally added it, looks pretty slick.
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    This app is pretty cool, and I'll probably give it some use over flixster (when it comes to trailers and such). What I'm really looking forward to (and praying for) is this means that they will soon integrate Siri into this movies app and I can then find movie times, theaters, buy tickets, etc. all with my voice. =D
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    Yeah. Wife and I were regular users of the trailers in ATV2. I wonder if they can airplay back to ATV2?
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    yasss avengers trailer on the go bc i haven't watched it nearly enough!!!
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    Apple also quietly released an +airport utility app
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    Still not available here in Germany.
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    Subtitles? Closed Captions?

    I haven't upgraded to iOS 5 yet. Does anyone know if the new Trailers app has closed captions or subtitles for those with hearing loss?
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    Or Canada. :(
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    Or UK.
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    Since it's a free app, is there no way of signing into the US store and simply downloading it? I know our accounts in the UK cannot download US store material, but how easy is it to set up a free US account for example? And is it worth the hassle?
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    No, only the video application (on a first gen' iPad) has a closed captioning toggle in Settings.

    I added a screen shot of the settings available for the Trailers app.

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    The reason is because they have obviously not organised content partnerships with theatres in other countries yet. Everyone's a conspiracy theorist :p


    See here.
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    yes you can do that..i made a us account but i live in canada and you can download any app thats in the us store but sometimes they dont open or function properly.

    the trailers app worked at first but not anymore...i got the jimmy fallon app from the us store and that worked beautifully ..u just need to make an account with a legit us address and optional credit card
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    Still not in the UK store :(

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