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Apple Releases Leopard 9A557/9A559 Seed Update

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Apple has released a new seed update to developers running the latest versions of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard via Mac OS X's Software Update mechanism.

    The 9A557/9A559 Seed Update includes fixes to wireless networking and RAW image viewing in the latest development build of Mac OS X Leopard. The update is also being used to test new features with in the Software Update mechanism itself.

    Apple seeded 9A559 to developers 10 days ago, which introduced a number of bug fixes and user interface tweaks. Today's update does not change the Leopard seed number.

    Apple had previously announced that it was going to be releasing Leopard in October, but no specific release date has been set.

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    Great news! Cmon, Golden Master!!!:rolleyes: I think they are really going to make an announcement soon. I mean, whe're already in Octobre! I really wan't to know when we can enjoy Leopard....
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    Anything to divert our attention from the iPhone trainwreck slowly building.
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    Airport fixes, hmmm. Does that mean that 10.4.11 will not fix MacBook Airport issues? hmmm
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    WHOO go GM!!
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    It would seem GM is mere hours away if they plan on duplicating and shipping by month's end. Yes?
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    Yeah, my $100 gift certificate from Apple is waiting to be spent on this feline!
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    I can't wait for Leopard...it really seems to be shaping up to be a solid OS :)
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    Still no counter on Apple site. Think their gonna try and jump it on us?
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    This could be the golden master, as this is just a software update which too can be applied afther the golden master is shipped, and when people install they can still make some updates;)
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    It takes 2-3 weeks, so they will have to declare GM by October 10-17 to have it on shelves by the end of the month. Doesn't mean that we'll know same day though.
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    A good indication of how close they are is the fact that they have warned Boot Camp users that it will expire at the end of the month. If they weren't sure of how close they were there would be a Boot Camp update that gives everyone an extra 30 days before it expires.
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    Is it common practice for :apple: to not increment the seed number on releases? As a developer, everything that leaves the farm, so to speak, gets the build number incremented. Perhaps this also points to GM shortly.

    Or maybe there is some numerology going on with 559 and Steve's RDF.
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    i agree. this is a good sign. hopefully they'll announce something very soon
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    Fantastic. The more updates the better.
  16. RRK
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    Hmm what can we use to "divert" attention from the phone? I know lets update Leopard...

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    I'm sure Steve said October 2008 because they have the rest of the world to release the iPhone in yet and that's not tabled until sometime next year. :rolleyes:
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    Bill Gates

    Golden Master is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!
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    They don't need to increment the build number because the update was released through Software Update.

    I'm thinking 559 is the GM because it's really too late to seed another build and wait for feedback. If anything they will do one more build to change the build number and send it off for duplication without external testing.
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    My guess is that Apple will announce on the 15th that it will ship on the 29th...
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    Hope this includes support for the new Sony Alpha 700. Just got one today.
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    Ah, right, got it! Thanks!

    And yeah, they could GM it and put anything else that needs to be changed into software update for when people install from the CD. Why didn't I think of that sooner...like there won't be any updates....HA!:rolleyes:

    And hopefully the Canon 40D! :D
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    There is a need for a new "fanboy" like moniker.
    But something that represents the next level of fanboy....

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    That sounds dangerous. I seem to remember something like that leading to File Vault hosing FireWire connected hard drives.
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    Total BS

    All of the great OS level changes that were supposed to come with Leopard are conspicuously absent. No ZFS and no resolution independent UI means that the two most revolutionary features with the most implications for the future of the platform are gone. I was seriously excited about Leopard, but every day that we get closer to gold master means that these will not be in there.

    The other things, Spaces, even time warp can be done as applications sitting on top of the OS (well time warp would require some kind of version control like svn but still, it's not nearly as great as having a display of incredible resolution that won't require that my old man eyes have to be 1 inch away from the screen).

    Unless the surprise feature is an iPhone SDK, a crippled Leopard won't save apple from the whole bad decision iceberg that is smashing into their titanic.

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