Apple Releases New iPod Ad (featuring Bob Dylan)

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacBytes, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Link: Apple debuts iTunes+iPod commercial with Bob Dylan
    Description:: Apple has debuted a new silhouette-style television commercial for iTunes and the iPod featuring a partially silhouetted BoB Dylan wearing an iPod while performing a song from his new album, Modern Times. This ad differs from any of Apple's previous silhouette ads in that the ad features mostly black and white coloring as opposed to the traditional pink, yellow, blue, and green. Previously, U2 starred in a silhouette iPod+iTunes television ad of their own...

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    :confused: I thought he was dissing digital music just last week....

    Well, I guess money talks, huh.
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    When has Bob Dylan ever been consistent in what he says, means, or does? :p
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    Anyone have a link to the video?
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    That's right. Remember Eminem's Apple lawsuit? It was over the kid singing an Eminem song while listening to an iPod.

    Here's a quote from Eminem's lawyer: He had never endorsed a product. They felt that using 'Lose Yourself' was in effect an endorsement of the product and it would be much more valuable than what they were talking about paying. (reference here)

    Not long after that, Eminem himself was in one of the silhouette ads.
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    that was part of the settlement...probably got his money the exposure he was after when they first approached him.
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    Is this April 1st?
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    More like an ad for Bob saw iPod dancers like twice...
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    Modern Times
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    uhu. i'd like to see which ad they saw. :rolleyes:
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    Apple Releases New iPod Ad (featuring Bob Dylan)


    Apple has released a new iPod + iTunes Ad featuring Bob Dylan and promoting Dylan's new album Modern Times. The ad can be found via Apple's website, and Modern Times is available for pre-order via the iTunes Music Store (link).
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    Looks good! Hmm.. they got rid of the bright colors. I kind of like it.
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    Just watched it, love it. (Bob Dylan + Apple=!!!)

    Although... does this mean no update for awhile? The girl dancing appears to have a 5G...
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    I saw the ad on Monday Night Football last night. Good ad, but nothing "1984"ish.
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    Nice ad! I liked some of those close up shots of the fretboard as he was playing. Never thought I would be jazzed about a new iPod + iTunes ad :p
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    Is this it?

    Maybe no hardware for a while...
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    Quad Xeon??? I think you mean Dual Xeon (the Xeon chips are dual core)...a quad xeon would come to 8 cores....maybe one day, but not yet.:)
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    no.. this means they're trying to clear inventory for an ipod update. probably mid-October, like usual.
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    I like it! :D
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    Saw this last night on TV (MTV I think)....a very awesome commercial!
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    Steve must have just loved that Dylan agreed to do this.

    I would have loved to see the two interact.
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    I got the impression from his comments last week that he hated the modern engineering techniques being used on music, perhaps making things too perfect. Not so the much the digital delivery of the music on CD or iTMS.

    could be wrong.

    And as far as money talks, well yes it does,, but really he is promoting himself and his new album, not so much the iTMS, at least that is the main reason he is there, i would think.
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    ZOMG no I can't see the trackwheel. Must be a new one! When's it coming out?

    I mean I'm so excited, usually Apple don't put their new secrecy-shrouded models in ads by accident before they are released, but 1337 I'm so excited.

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