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Apple Releases Three New iPhone Ads: 'Dine', ' Nature', and 'Pass'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Apple today released three new iPhone commercials, airing them on U.S. prime time television and posting them to the company's iPhone ad gallery. The ads mark a departure from the company's recent theme of highlighting three App Store applications per commercial and instead feature six applications per ad. All three commercials also mention that there are now 75,000 applications available in the App Store.

    - TripCase [App Store, Free]
    - New York Subway 09 [App Store, $4.99]
    - Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List [App Store, Free]
    - Zagat To Go '09 [App Store, $9.99]
    - Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite [App Store, $9.99]
    - Gap StyleMixer [App Store, Free]

    - iXpenseIt [App Store, $4.99]
    - DailyFinance [App Store, Free]
    - GuitarToolkit [App Store, $9.99]
    - Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook [App Store, $9.99]
    - iBird Explorer Plus [App Store, $19.99]
    - Pizza Hut [App Store, Free]

    - Fandango [App Store, Free]
    - G-Park [App Store, $0.99]
    - VocabWiz College Vocabulary [App Store, $4.99]
    - 365 Crosswords [App Store, $4.99]
    - Classics [App Store, $2.99]
    - ABC Animals [App Store, $1.99]

    A number of the applications highlighted in the new commercials have been featured in previous ads, including Lonely Planet Mandarin Phrasebook, iBird Explorer Plus, G-Park, and Classics.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Three New iPhone Ads: 'Dine', ' Nature', and 'Pass'
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    ABC Animals, wow learning to read on an iPhone. Hello future, goodbye books. Oh and I like the new music.
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    Me too, does anyone know what it is?
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    The big news here is the music change!
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    Meh. I wanna see them do other stuff with the commercials besides showcase apps. :)
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  7. PBF
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    Cheers for that! Shazam failed to identify the song with all the talkin' in the foreground. :p

    P.S. I'm surprised that Apple picked yet another song from the same artist, same album. Never been like that before. They must really like 'em. :)
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    well i cant see those videos now but i'm pretty sure they will be played during gossip girl and 90210. Not like i watch those shows...i'm just saying...
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    i think i saw one of these on tv during monday night football last night
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    Honestly, it's the APPS that "make" the iPhone, and really sets it apart from all other smart phones. What other feature does the iPhone have that can't be "beat" by some other phone out there? There are some things, of course, like the best UI experience -- but that's hardly something that's going to "win over" many people. And it's something that can't really be conveyed well in a TV ad anyway (you need to have hands-on experience to really understand...).

    Focusing on apps really makes the MOST sense in these ads. No other phone is going to beat Apple at that game...
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    Xian Zhu Xuande

    +1. Spot on answer.

    And they get to show off the UI in the advertisements anyway.
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    Not sure I like the new music as much as the old one.
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    Me neither.

    Is it too geeky that I want to download all the apps that appear on the iPhone ads, whether I need them or not? :eek:
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    I really like this set of ads, good music and demonstrations.

    Can you believe there are still Apple/iPhone haters out in the world? I wonder what they must be thinking... :rolleyes:
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    For some reason I can never view these on my iPhone. Is this a JavaScript problem, and if so, why hasn't apple fixed it?

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