Apple Releases Two New iPhone Ads: 'Dog Lover' and 'Backpacker'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Apple yesterday released two new iPhone commercials, posting them to the company's iPhone ad gallery. The two ads continue Apple's recent pattern of narrative-style commercials showing off multiple applications used in succession.

    'Dog Lover' tells the story of a family adopting a new dog, using the iPhone to find an available dog, share pictures of her, find dog parks, and stream webcam footage of her while away from the house.

    - Mobile Application (Free)
    - Facebook (Free)
    - Hey Walkies (Free)
    - iCam ($4.99)

    'Backpacker' shares the adventures of a backpacker traveling through Spain and mixes demonstrations of several App Store applications with default applications included on the iPhone. In the commercial, the narrator describes how he uses his iPhone to find information on hostels, share photos with family back home, download apps from the App Store, and automatically translate spoken phrases into Spanish.

    - (Free)
    - Jibbigo Speech Translator English Spanish ($24.99)

    Apple has been rolling out a number of new iPhone commercials recently, with three other ones released earlier this month.

    Article Link: Apple Releases Two New iPhone Ads: 'Dog Lover' and 'Backpacker'
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    gotta love how APPLE uses flash on its own website for these videos...

    freakin' hypocrisy if I ever saw it.
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    I'm pretty sure Apple uses Quicktime, and not Flash.
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    I can't wait for the "lost iPhone in a bar" ad showing how you can remotely disable it via MobileMe!
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    Also gotta love when people don't know what they're talking about.
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    Anyone able to play the videos in Chrome? I just get a black space. Safari works fine though.
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    you obviously don't have a "click2flash" type plugin in your browser.
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    Compile 'em all

    I have click2flash. The video plays for me in Quicktime, in safari.

    Lay down the crack pipe.
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    huh, must be a chrome issue then.
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    Why bother?

    With a new iPhone coming out in June/July, and it already being the end of April, why bother now with producing ads showing the 3GS?

    From the photos that we've seen, the new iPhone will look nothing like the current one.

    Only reason I can think of is to clear out the old stock....
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    Lost in the Hoff Brau.
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    That would be such an awesome commercial...too bad Apple doesn't have a sense of humor.
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    That would be awesome :)
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    I'm sure someone will make one for YouTube.
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    Interesting that it still 'looks' the same. There's got to be a new look! :eek:
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    Just clicked on the story so I could comment and make the same joke . . . I'm not surprised someone already thought of it.

    We Mac users are so clever, aren't we? :D
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    the one with the dog was very strange. i mean who does all that?
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    I really couldn't understand the one with the dog
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    now i do like the dog lover one.
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    I'm surprised no one picked up on this. I guess that's the side effect of growing up in one country and subconsciously forgetting that the rest of the world exists.

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    Ha Ha Ha! That would be a really cool advert!
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    Great catch, and too true. Americans....
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    Apple just forgets to mention at at $20-30 per MB (roaming data) it cost this backpacker a few $Ks in roaming fees to use his iPhone in Spain.
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    Apple these new apps is looking good,i love dog apps its really good i want to get.where i can buy or download it.
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