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Apple Reminds Developers of App Store Freeze During Holidays

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Apple has sent reminders to App Store developers that the annual shutdown of iTunes Connect is scheduled to take place from Friday, December 21, 2012 to Friday, December 28th, 2012.

    iTunes Connect is the portal for developers to submit app updates and changes. As a result, no new apps, app updates or price changes will be reflected in the App Store during that time.
    As a result of the shutdown deadline, a large number of App developers have been cutting prices today as they compete for top ranking on the App Store Top Charts during the lucrative Christmas sales period.

    Article Link: Apple Reminds Developers of App Store Freeze During Holidays
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    App store app freeze = end of the world.
    you see, the app store won't come back. ever. there will be a catastrophic problem and all apps will be deleted off apple's servers.

    apple will lose stock and go bankrupt.
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    Bring on the annual massive holiday app sale!
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    Good time for them to fix the slow App Store with iOS 6! Though, I doubt they will.
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    Can we still get daily reports or is the whole thing down for that week?
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    Still baffles me that Apple cant afford to keep it open. I'm pretty sure there would be a fair few review staff that would be happy to keep working, especially any that dont celebrate anything this time of year.


    You cant even log in. It's completely shut down for the week. Here's the full email as MR dont seem to be showing it:

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    Glad my updates got approved today before the week long shutdown.
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    Apple isn't shutting off the app stores.

    They just won't be reviewing any new apps or updated apps while the employees are on vacation.
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    Any good ones on sale yet?
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    I know...shockingly I did read the email, and have gone through this for a few years now ;)

    I meant there is no reason why they have to shut down iTunes connect and app reviews.
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    the daily reports will be down the whole week.. which is shucks, wonder why apple can't create automated reporting for the reports :confused:
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    Bubba Satori

    Why? Apple has to shut the store down for hours when they only update one product.

    Maybe they should buy Amazon and be able to dynamically update millions of products in real time.
    Back to the future.
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    The mayans were trying to warn us. We're all gonna die!
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    Best of the day!
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    I think they do that more for marketing reasons than because of technical ones.
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    Amazing Iceman

    Does this freeze also means we will not be getting iOS 6.0.2 nor OS X 10.8.3 until next year?
  17. davebarnes, Dec 20, 2012
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    What about those of us who celebrate or don't "the holidays" at another time of the year?
  18. spillproof, Dec 20, 2012
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    You are in the minority. There is not enough money to be made in the minority. Follow the money. Just think of this as a massive sale that happens in the later part of December.
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    This is mostly done for efficiency because a large portion of their employees would take off for the holidays anyway. Might as well make it an event. Makes for happy employees.
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    Anyone know what time today the freeze begins?
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    Bastion is only .99$ If your into bash-em-up isometric arcade games, its a must.

    The fact that the narration is game-play influenced and totally dynamic makes it worth .99 all on its own.
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    Things have been on sale most of this week but don’t be surprised to see prices go up right before the freeze.

    In the past the freeze locks in sales locations so most major companies will use sales to climb the charts and then right before the lock-in they will raise prices back up.

    It would be nice if apple didn’t lock up the charts so companies couldn’t do this but ohh well.

    BTW: Bracket Maker is always .99c no price tricks here!
    /end promo ;)
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    AppStore shutdown is, well, stupid

    I run a small Software Development Company, we have three (3) App's in the Apple Store.

    We are receiving reports that Customers are unable to make InApp purchases, our in-house tests have verified this to be the case. We had no price changes, app updates, or InApp changes for two weeks, so there's nothing we did to cause this.

    At the same time, we are unable to Manage our Customer feedback and Sales information, we've been locked out of iTunes Connect so we can't see what Sales we are having. This was definitely NOT the case last year, we checked sales on a daily basis.

    Oh how we miss you Steve Jobs

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