Apple Removes Top 100 Listings from App Store (For Now)

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 10, 2008.

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    It's unlikely that it's a technical error, since the top 50 works in the App Store on the phone, and they'll probably run on the same system... after all, why reinvent the wheel?

    Although, its not impossible that its a technical fault
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    I'm still seeing it.

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    As am I.
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    guess was down for just an hour or so.

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    I was seeing the listing on the main page just a few minutes after this article was posted, but I'm still not seeing anything when I click through to the full lists.
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    oh, i was going to say that i hope this was just an error or something. but i guess it was
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    Yea, looks like it went down around 5:15pm (EST) and then was briefly back right before 6:00pm then went back down until it can back for good around 6:05pm.

    Sounds like a glitch to me too.
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    Yeah they can't take down the most exciting page since the space race![​IMG]
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    I have a feeling that things are being somewhat restructured as we speak. I wouldn't be surprised to see more changes soon.
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    while it may have been a glitch, i wouldn't be surprised if something changes soon, esp given another article on macrumors about the "race to the bottom" on prices for iphone apps and the increasing unrest of some developers ;)
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    I think I remember reading on AppleInsider that there have been a lot of complaints about how 99¢ apps were taking all the top spots while all the more expensive ones (which may prove very important to some people) are not on it.
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    I like seeing the screenshots with my app in the featured list! :D

    I've noticed too that the list has not changed in days so maybe they are fixing something and that's breaking it?
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    Cutting Costs

    There are two possibilities for this happening:

    1) Mac has decided to re-modify which their sponsor layout. (not too likely)

    2) Sponsors have pulled their adds in coincidental unison because of dwindling review from unsuccessful adverting.
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    It would be cool to see the Top 100 (paid) list start sorting by revenue rather than downloads.

    That could get rid of the problem that was being discussed on the front page.
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    Apparently it's back because I'm looking at the top 100 free and paid apps lists right now.
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    Apple has gradually made the App store harder to navigate and find things I'm looking for. This is unfortunate. It really needs reworking. It is too difficult to go through so many pages looking for something. I would like to see the Top 100 in each category separately and I would also like to see the Free in each category separately. Sorting by (up & down): rank, rating, price, release date, last update date, alphabetical, developer would all be good.
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    I'm still seeing them..

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