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Apple Renews iTunes Pricing at 99 cents

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, May 1, 2006.

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    After months of negotiations, Apple announced on Monday that they had renewed contracts with the four largest record companies to sell songs through iTunes for 99 cents each.

    This represents a win for Apple as the record labels have been pushing for variable priced songs for some time now. In that model, newer songs would cost more than $.99 while older songs would cost less.

    Steve Jobs has reportedly insisted on keeping pricing constant for all songs at $.99. With iTunes now with 80% of the U.S. digital music marketshare, "the labels need Apple too much right now", according to one record executive.

    No comments were made in the article regarding the term of the contracts.
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    Good, this is the way it should be ;)
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    Awesome. :D

    Awesome. :D

    Awesome. :D

    New ads, this... Apple is making me happy. :D
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    Good to see newer songs won't cost more than .99 a piece. It seems like Apple's marketshare makes it possible for them to delegate whatever pricing scheme they deem fair.
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    this is hilarious... steve wins again!!! I think it's so funny that everyone was saying they wouldn't renew and that if they did it would be with no contract....

    maybe they like that apple green more than they let on.
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    winning is not easy

    somehow for once i thought i would read something first... and be able to comment on it... rather, i just follow suite and say, yeah steve!
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    Far out...

    Glad to see the right things work out here. Had prices gone up, I would have been forced to find music elsewhere.
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    Ja Di ksw

    This is what a lot of us have been waiting to hear. Congrats to Apple! That could not have been an easy fight.

    I wonder how long it is for . . . .
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    Yeah.... kinda agreed. Kinda sorta. :eek: :p
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    whew. Now that that is out of the way we can all start complaining about how the songs aren't $0.50 each! :D
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    THAT may be the source of any negative votes.:rolleyes: :cool: :p
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    Glad to hear that Apple won and got to keep the songs at $.99.
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    If prices went up I would be forced to get my music from other sources....CDs :p

    Seriously, I'm glad to see the record companies did the right thing.
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    Great news - way to stick by your guns Apple and refuse to budge. I like it. :cool:
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    Damn...now I have to use self control to regulate my shopping on iTunes. On a serious note that is great....
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    Actually, I want more complicated pricing. Namely, I want to be able to upgrade from a few tracks on an album to the entire album for the difference in price. That way, I can buy songs I already know and like and, when I find that the group's music has grown on me, I can "upgrade" to the album. I'd spend more if Apple allowed this. They don't have to make the interface look much different to do this. They can simply have the album prices change when you already purchased tracks from that album.
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    Ooooooh. I so wish they would implement this!!! Have you written them yet? You should! :D
    Especially because I'm too lazy to. :o
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    I really like this idea - you should work for Apple! :D ;)
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    Chef Medeski

    HINT HINT!!!

    This is great news not because of the stupid pricing thing. But because renewed deals. Apple had been trying to make deals with media companies over video content, which of course nearly all due music as well. I'm sure it not just an audio thing, but actually a full blow agreement over music and video. I'm almost assured of this. Just wait for a contract or agreement to pop up in the next couple weeks.

    Hopefully they can now release the video ipod and reduce the price of my ipod.
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    great news. keep it up Apple :)
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    yay! This really shows that Apple is becoming a force to be reconned with. Not even big evil record labels can push Apple around.:cool:
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    I think this is great!! 99c seems such a nice price even if its just a sweet marketing number. Now apple can expand the store to more countries and add more videos as well! :D
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    Even if the agreements are short-term, it's better than labels bailing out, which some were afraid of.

    Fixed single pricing = simplicity = one of iTunes big attractions.
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    Yay, they decided to keep the one-size fits all system. I think they'd actually lose money otherwise, but this probably feels good for consumers too.
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    That is great news....for the US. Why do we in Britain still have to pay £.79 which comes out at $1.44????

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