Apple repair center "lost" my Powerbook

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tobio, Sep 5, 2004.

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    I sent my 12" Powerbook G4 (current one) in to apple for repair, as the hard disk was complaining of S.M.A.R.T. errors, and I had only had it for about 2 months or so (it was just within the 90day free support period). Well that was over 6 weeks ago now, and they have admitted that they have lost it and will send me a brand new one. The saga is a little more complicated than I am letting on, but I was just curious of other members experiances here.

    Have apple lost any other forum members computers or ipods? How long do they usually take for trivial repairs and does anyone feel they have been let down by the whole system?
  2. JLS
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    My friend was just telling me how apple lost his ipod, they sent him a new one.. then about a week later the old one turned up too. Now he has 2.. and im jealous.
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    Airbone Express "lost" my iPod during transfer. Apple sent me a new one.
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    Apple usually is pretty good about tracking things, believe me they hate to pay for lost things. My money is on it getting lost in transit, or being misfiled on a loading dock.
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    Apple have verified that UPS collected it from me on the 22nd July and it was delivered to them on the 23rd July. They also say that the service center do not have my laptop and do not know where it is. I suspect that somebody has recently recieved a "gift" of a nearly new powerbook with a slightly borked hard drive.

    Maybe in a few months time my old powerbook will be found from under some papers or in a cupboard and returned to me... I think its more likely that if it is found after I have been given my replacement it will go to the apple discount store instead.
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    I'd be kicking kittens and strangling small puppies if repair people lost my Powerbook. :mad: I'd also lose a lot of productivity, as I'm a student, so I'd tell them about it and ask them what they're going to do about it? If they offer me a new Powerbook, that's a start.....
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    I would demand an upgrade of some kind. 6 weeks without your powerbook is a little unreasonable for a hard drive repair. After 30 days at most I think they should have admitted that your powerbook was gone and replaced. They should give you a 15" instead, or more memory or something to compensate you.
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    Apple was generous enough to replace my iBook G3 with the logic board issues with a brand new G4. The only problem was that they lost the new one and I had to wait a month to get it.
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    Here's hoping a year or so from now something goes wrong and they manage to lose my 12" PB!!! I'll forgive them gladly when they send that 12" G5!
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    Same here. Called Apple to complain. They said they would call me back.

    Next day a mini arrived, different tracking number.


    6 weeks later. Brand new mini arrives. I still haven't opened it. its been about 3 months now. I feel rather quilty.
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    Duff-Man should call Apple and have the extra Mini returned to them...keeping it is borderline fraud...not to mention bad karma.....oh yeah!
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    you must be jj.
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    Duff-Man, I am serious. It is not a "free" ipod - apple pays insurance on the shipments - and that is part of the cost we pay as consumers....and keeping the extra ipod that you did not pay for is just plainly and simply dishonest....people seem to forget that there really is no such thing as "screwing the big bad corporation - they have loads of $$ and it doesn't hurt anyone" - all the costs of that attitude are passed on to the other me an idealist...but I think it is better in the long run for everybody to be honest....oh yeah!
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    Idealist you are then! :D

    not that there's anything wrong with that... :rolleyes:
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    Ah, I respect you for saying that :)
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    Because my 12" was BTO - it had an 80gig HD and 512 Ram, they said they would replace it with an off the shelf 15" 1.5ghz machine as it has similar components as standard and is quite a considerable upgrade as compensation. That was two weeks or so ago now... I am at this moment listening to on hold telephone music from apple while being transfered to the customer relations dept to find out when i might eventually see this.

    I have to credit them, their hold music is very calming and the people on the other end of the phone have always been very polite and understanding and sympathetic.

    The sad thing is i have got used to life without my powerbook now, and doom3 has just come out and PCs are suddenly seeming a little tempting.
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    :D it was put into the system last Friday and should be 7-10 working days. They will call me back with a tracking number, because after all I have been through with this I want to know exactly when Hans the Dutch delivery driver has put it on the ferry and when the UPS van is driving around London trying to deliver it to my house when I said I wanted sent to my work etc.

    I won't believe that it is here until I actually hold it in my hands, after which point all my bad feelings towards apple will probably vanish as I will have my brand new baby and equilibrium will be restored to the universe.
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    That is really incredible. How can they loose your Powerbook ? And how comes that they reckognize that after 6 weeks.
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    That's why I stay in constant contact with Apple when something of mine is being repaired. I called them last on thursday and the rep I spoke with said my book should be recieved by me on either Friday or Tuesday (damn laborday). Now, if it's not in my hands tomorrow they'll be recieving another call from me.

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