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Apple replacing my G5 20 inch iMac.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by CultHero, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Well Apple came through for me. I have had many many issues with my iMac. I still love it and it has been great for me.... but I finally am getting a new one.

    Long story short, over the past two years I have had three logic boards, two sets of speakers, a power supply, and an airport card replaced. About three months ago I started noticing a squeal or pop or squeak coming from my hard drive. Definitely an electronic noise. I called Apple and they confirmed that the maxtor drives are notorious for noises and they can't figure out why?

    Well the tech I spoke to looked up my history and said "we have replaced pretty much everything but the hard drive, you are getting a new iMac".

    I am pretty stoked by this, and stoked I got Applecare, but here is my big question:

    With a replacement will they ship the latest version of the iMac or what they have in stock? Meaning, if an update comes out in the next month or so will I get the update or will I get the latest version? I am not in any specific hurry to move as my current iMac works just fine apart from the hard drive being on the brink. My shipping slip is good through the middle of April.

    Any thoughts?
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    If you are good until mid April... I regret to say that you will most likely not get an updated iMac. They will be coming out anytime past the release of Santa Rosa (May 9th, I believe). But don't worry, these current iMacs will make your G5 seem like a toy (if you get a top of the line). On top of that, the next generation won't be that great anyway. a 2.4Ghz processor (up from 2.33Ghz) and that's about it.
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    Meh, I doubt an updated iMac will come by then. But hell if they said new iMac possibility you could be getting an intel one! Which is a whole lot better than the g5! You seem lucky enough already, other than having to wait all those times you've had to send it in for warranty work.:p
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    I wish I could get my 20" G5 replaced for an intel one. Nothing really wrong with it except I can import songs into iTunes (get the annoying poping sound) and it seems so very slow for a 2GHhz computer. Worst Mac I've ever owned! My 1.2 G4 iBook is better!
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    Maybe you have set the processor performance to Reduced in the Energy Saver preferences?

    My iMac (G5 2GHz) is at minimum 3x faster in CPU-intensive apps than my 700 MHz G4 eMac!
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    so what would the consensus be? Wait and get the new one or send mine in now and move from G5 to intel?
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    I would wait :)
  8. JDN
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    Is there a dedicated control for processor performance in the Energy Saver prefs?? I don't see it.

    (Sorry to hijack!!!)
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    Well if i were you i would just wait till April anyway and hope because if not you will just get the Intel iMac anyway.
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    Yes, go the to Energy Saver preferences and click on the Options tab. It's there :)

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