Apple Reseller Store at UC Riverside

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by poematik14, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Im getting a 32GB model with the case at the Apple Authorized Reseller in the basement of our campus store at UC Riverside...and my professor is getting one too with me at the same time hahah

    Anyone wanna get theirs there? They are getting 20 of each, and 3 demo units. The catch is that they are closed on weekends so you have to wait till Monday the 5th at 8am to buy it, but they wont sell out because nobody ever goes in there, the store is like hidden lol
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    I think they're doing the same thing here at UC Irvine at the computer bookstore....

    too bad we don't get no student discount.:eek:
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    So there's a fellow Highlander on these forums I see.. :-D
    I bought mine from Best Buy to get Reward Points. As much "School Spirit" as I have, I see no reason to buy it from Comp UCR since it's the same price, and I dont get reward points...
    Now only if they offered us a discount...
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    look at your signature..... you have 23GB! isn't a 32GB iPad? that you have?;)
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