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Apple responds to Safari furore (re: Panther/Jaguar compatib...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 6, 2004.

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    I dont think this will quiet the jag users, but oh well. They should be happy with 1.0, it works just the same as 1.2 if you ask me.
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    I just don't understand why this is a big deal.

    People want all the latest stuff (Safari) without the latest stuff (Panther). Safari 1.0 works fine for you folks using an operating system that 1.5 years old.

    Besides, the only thing I noticed so far was that the refresh arrow is now clockwise instead of counter clockwise.
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    I haven't noticed anything. It seems to be just like 1.0.
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    Jaguar users have no room to complain. They coudn't care very much about new technlogy and speed improvements if they are still using Jaguar and not Panther. What a bunch of whiners!
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    i agree. it's not like apple made it so safari will only run 10.3! as mainstreetmark said, "People want all the latest stuff (Safari) without the latest stuff (Panther)."
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    Jaguar users SHOULD be angry

    Sure, maybe Apple should be allowed to add features to the OS and then use those features in apps. That SOUNDs good, but I think the REAL POINT is this:

    People spent good money on Safari and now they can't use it anymore--and there are no other free browsers out there to choose from.

    Oh, wait... Safari was free... and it still works in Jaguar, complete with security updates... and there are lots of other great free browsers too...

    My bad, forget what I said. :D
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    i think we're all aware it's a "suck it up and deal" situation.

    i think we also all know that apple is a company that tends to leave previous generations (of software/hardware) in the dust intentionally.

    i'm sorry jag. users. :( upgrade to panther:D
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    As much as I sympathize with Jaguar users (I was using Mac OS 8.6 until June), I have to agree with Apple here. When you buy a particular version of Mac OS X, you are paying for the operating system and the included apps. You are not paying for free updates to these apps for the next three years (although in some cases, Apple may be generous and give them to you anyway). As said in the article, sometimes backwards compatibility limits innovation.
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    I second that new Safari is, well, not really that different than old Safari. For those on Jaguar reading this... you're not really missing much, 1.0 to 1.2 ... think about it, it's not a full upgrade and if you could download it as us Panther users have, you'd kinda go "huh?" It's really no biggie.
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    Neither do I. Just upgrade, or shut up. If you chose not to upgrade your OS you should expect to eventually get left behind.

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