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Discussion in 'Community' started by mgargan1, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Does anybody here work, or know of anyone that works at an Apple store? I would love to get a job at the new store they're opening up in the Montgomery Mall store in Bethesda, MD. If you do, could you email me or maybe have them email me, by the way, i did try to look online for info, but i couldn't find anything... thanks a lot in advance.
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    hope this works:
    job openings

    I did a search at the job opp link on apple's website
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    you know what, i found a link on apple's website, but because my resolution only 900 pixels down, i didn't get to see everything on the site... thanks a lot for looking too :)
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    Good luck in applying! I used to work at an Apple Store, and it's an absolute blast. The people are all fun, and, believe it nor not, so are the customers! Plus the discount doesn't hurt. ;-)
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    do you know how much they make? Yea, i really hope i get this job.
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    I really hope that you will be successful. Will keep you in my thoughts. Just try to think positively. If I could have the privilege of working at an Apple Store, I wouldn't worry about pay. I'd do it for $8 or less per hour.

    The only openning in Boston at the moment is: 1992054 Eastern Regional Trainer, PowerSchool Boston, MA, USA. With all the colleges locally it makes the market tight. I'm sure that knowing someone helps.

    The manager set right in front of me during the Keynote from MWSF. I was going to try to speak with him, then he was gone. He seemed to be very friendly, probably close to my age.
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    wdlove, is this the Cambridgeside store you are talking about? I have met the manager there, and yes, he is very friendly. I think he is the black man with glasses.
    I assumed he was the manager since he had on a different shirt than everyone else.
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    well, right now... i'm working at Gateway, bringing in about 1800 a month... so I hope it's similar, or better to that...
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    i've read that apple store clerks make around $12 / hour with no commission ... i'm sure that per area/ market but still thats not quite impressive especially if they dont' get comission
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    Yes, it was at the CambridgeSide Galleria. The man that I saw with his wife was caucasian, average height, thin, light brown hair, and glasses. The glasses had sports trim that allowed it to hang from his neck also. He was wearing a green plaid dress shirt with tan pants.
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    i offer you my most hearfelt condolences ;)... and wish you the best of luck with the apple job :D

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