Apple Retail Stores Receiving New Promotional Materials Ahead of WWDC

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 2, 2011.

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    9 to 5 Mac reports that Apple's retail stores are receiving shipments of new promotional materials that are set to remain sealed until Tuesday, suggesting that Apple will indeed have something new to show off in its stores following its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on Monday.

    Whether the promotional materials are for new software and services such as Mac OS X Lion and iCloud or for hardware products such as new AirPort and Time Capsule base stations is unknown.

    Article Link: Apple Retail Stores Receiving New Promotional Materials Ahead of WWDC
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    Willing to bet Lion is coming out next week or the week after.
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    Full of Win

    Giving your shipping boxes the round corners of app icons is going a little bit overboard.
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    Build up that hype...
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    Watch for a Samsung lawsuit :rolleyes:
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    iPhone 5 stuff.
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    Unlikely, the current build is just way too buggy but I think an RC or GM is in order.

    The promo materials are for iCloud.
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    Epic Xbox Revie

    I'd be pumped for LION to come out next week... I don't really expect it that soon though... technically summer doesn't start until later in June.:rolleyes:
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    That's the photo, not the box.
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    Monday can't get here soon enough. :apple:
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    Damn it. I bet you that's the new time capsule.

    I just bought one several weeks ago :(
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    I agree! :apple::apple::apple: :)
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    I highly doubt Apple will be using window merchandise for the Time Capsule mate.
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    Lion inside!! :D
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    That's the new iCloud logo for the window

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    id so open it lol
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    You'd so get fired. I wouldn't be able to restrain myself either, no way could I be a store manager. :)
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    Bak to Skool
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    doesn't suggest anything ... might be just some promotional material about iCloud - I would assume iCloud to be available right away (and still hoping for Lion ... but I don't think they seeded a GM build yet)
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    Carl Sagan

    Yeah I'm inclined to'll be "And Lion is available this week." punchline...
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    They'd need to give the developers at least 2 weeks' time with the GM.
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    The window stickers are just as likely to be promoting a service from Apple - like iCloud. There might not be physical merchandise involved. It makes sense to sell an iCloud package when people are buying and iPod/iPad/iPhone (or even Mac...)

    I'm withholding judgment on iCloud until I hear the details. Given how portable my library is right now, an Amazon Cloudplayer-like service isn't that interesting to me.
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    I guess even Apple managers like to use Hipstamatic. :rolleyes:
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    How could you not take a peak...
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    Wow!!! A box!!

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