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Apple Retail Stores Rolling Out New Retina MacBook Pro Window Displays

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 13, 2012.

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    As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple's retail stores have begun installing new window displays showing off the new Retina MacBook Pro mounted on a pedestal with a massive model of the machine as a background.


    As we reported earlier today, Apple retail stores have been receiving display models of the new Retina MacBook Pro, but shipments of stock are just starting to trickle in. Those looking for a stock model may be interested in stalking their local stores to try to obtain one, as new online orders are currently seeing shipping estimates of 3-4 weeks.

    Article Link: Apple Retail Stores Rolling Out New Retina MacBook Pro Window Displays
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    probably an accurate representation of the glare on this screen :p
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    For those who were upset that Apple dropped the 17"...

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    Bubba Satori

    Nice mirror.

    Looking forward to the models with the 90% glare reduction. :p
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    75% less glare? What? Oh wait…

    For a split second I didn't notice it was behind a store window. Just about freaked by by all that glare. ;) Has anyone seen the real deal yet? How do they compare with a matte screen?
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    I want to go see one!!!
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    Man, I want that 2,500" retina display behind it.
  8. ThunderSkunk, Jun 13, 2012
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    I'm still not sure what to think about them replacing the 17" MBP workhorse with a non-upgradable high-res 15" Macbook Air. Skinny is neat, but not really the #1 priority of the "pro" set.
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    If anyone is interested, both Regent Street and Covent Garden stores in London still have stock of the Retina model, just been in there and was about to buy one but left with a 13" and 21.5" iMac instead after deciding that I value removeable/replaceable storage and RAM much more!

    I may come to regret it but my new home office set up is making me grin so far!
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    Not gonna lie, that would make for a pretty sweet game room decoration, lol. Make it a white screen and shine an HD projector on it, that would look pretty awesome!

    Unless thats an actual moving screen, then even better!
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    So ready for this Macbook to arrive at my house. Should be very soon :D
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    I played around with one at the Mall of American Apple Store yesterday. Looked pretty good.
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    I want the massive macbook to be the HD TV in my game room.
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    The display looks really stupid, at least on the photos.
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    I like the window display. What you don't see: the large scale mock up behind it also has a retina display... they sneaked in an Apple 4K TV as the 'screen' ;)
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    I canceled my online order that I had ordered when the window was 7-10 days. I'll take my chances that the local Apple store will have stock before then (it said I should receive it by July :eek:)
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    Where can I get that Zebra wallpaper?
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    what on earth can the resolution be with that gigantic model for it to be retina?? :p
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    If apple gets into the tv market I will throw away my crappy lg led tv for a 4k retina display, who knows maybe the next iMac will be 4k but i would hate to see the cost.
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    I also want!

    Hopefully it will be one of the stock wallpapers. :apple:
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    Haha, aw, the little one is so cute!
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    I believe it was anandtech who said it was pretty close to last-gen matte displays on the MBP.
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    Totally Ordering one for High School this thing is amazing.
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    All very nice,

    until you find out it got a 1 on a scale of 10 repairability on ifixit:eek:

    Even the battery is glued to the body.

    "Old" MacbookPro is still better minus the retina screen.
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    They are stunning in person. For anyone doing video, photo or graphics, it may be a religious experience for them. As for the glare, it's night and day compared to the MBP. For those of us doing serious work, you're gonna be blown away.

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