Apple Revamps Retail Stores with Interactive iPad Displays

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    Photo by @Leoleakey
    The much hyped retail meeting took place overnight in several parts of the world. Apple seems to have deployed major updates to their Retail stores including the use of iPads as interactive kiosks for customers. MacPricesAustralia posted some early details (via 9to5):

    Photo by @Digisz

    MacStories offers some additional shots of the iPod display:


    Article Link: Apple Revamps Retail Stores with Interactive iPad Displays
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    Looks very cool, but no wonder there's an iPad shortage! ;)
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    that's pretty neat.
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    Very nice! They're kinda going green by not wasting paper/plastic every time a price is changed.
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    Is it just me, or do those look like 1st gen iPads though.... I guess because of the shortage...
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    but they are using more electricity ;)
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    I had exactly the same idea… :eek:
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    Do they have these ipad displays infront of the ipads as well? :D
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    I always just used the product I was looking at to see the build options on the online store. Seems like an iPad trying to take your attention away from the 27" iMac...
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    I thought that too though i think i see a camera.

    Also in the rumor post in the quote you put to twice in a row.
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    Pretty nifty. Wonder how the iPads look with an iPad next to them with the details, lol.
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    If you forget how much energy went into making that device, the hazardous materials in that device, the energy it wastes sitting there on...
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    ^^^^lol, exactly. can see the camera on the front:

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    They're iPad 2s. You can see the camera.
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    iPads selling iPads...
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    can you scroll through this ipad? or is it behind a case?
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    Pretty cool, I'm probably gunna check it out tomorrow
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    In the rumor post in the quote you put to twice in a row. (just incase you didnt see my other post cause it was with my reply)
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    here's my question..

    I don't see a dock connector charging them.. so how are they charging them?
    Yes I know the battery is great (i've owned one before), but if a store is open 10-10, with customers always using them... the battery will die...

    so do they just charge them at the end of the day and hope the battery doesn't die?

    edit* I see a cord that runs down the middle of the acrylic plastic that's securely holding the iPad in place... but I dont see it connecting with the dock connector port.. does this mean that these are specially made iPads that have the dock connector somewhere else on the device, and not near the home button?
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    Dr McKay

    A clever (yet ludicrously expensive idea) :D
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    Do they really have it set up so that you stick ear buds in your ears after someone else has used them?

    That screams "unsanitary".

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    secret ipad 3?
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    Am I the only one that looks at it and says "thats one too many cables laying around on that table." I think it looks ugly.
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    That could be the ambient light sensor from the first iPad but I doubt it. *shrug*
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    This is not going "green" the amount of energy to produce an ipad and then run it far outweighs the amount of paper required per the lifetime of the ipad.

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