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Apple Revealed as Owner of iPodSolar.com

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 20, 2011.

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    A recent change to the WHOIS registry for the domain name iPodSolar.com has confirmed that Apple is the owner of the domain, which currently redirects to Apple's iPod site. Apple appears to have registered the domain as long ago as early 2007, but the domain has been listed until recently as belonging to MarkMonitor, a brand protection firm used by Apple and other companies for such purposes.


    Apple's interest in solar cell technology for its products has been evident for many years based on patent applications covering the technology. A report from several months ago indicated that Apple has indeed been holding discussions about solar technology with several Taiwanese vendors, although any such projects would still be in the research stage and not yet near a public release.


    Drawing from Apple's new patent showing iPod with integrated solar cells
    Coincidentally, Patently Apple reports that Apple was just today awarded a patent for a power management system that would enable the company to place solar cells on the exterior of devices such as iPods and integrate that power source with an internal battery. The patent was filed for in mid-2008 and was first revealed in early 2010 as the patent application was released to the public.

    Article Link: Apple Revealed as Owner of iPodSolar.com
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    Sweet, I say iPhone 7
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    This would make sense for something like an iPhone sized iPod shuffle. Minimal power usage, lots of area to cover with solar cells. It could be the iPod that never has to be charged.
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    damn, no more using cases :p
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    I agree. The concept is cool. But how many people have a case covering their iPod or iPhone currently. If not for aesthetics than just for protection from drops.
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    Transparent case perhaps? ;)
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    With thin-film solar elements made by Solyndra!
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    I don't see the hundreds of case manufacturers only making completely transparent cases, and anything else would inhibit the functionality of a solar cell.
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    Mr. Retrofire

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    And apple still doesn't own icl0ud.com by the looks of it. That redirects to some fight room?? lol
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    Guys...dont you see the picture????
    This is for iPod Classic:))))

    Just in time for the 10th anniversary as well.

    Throw in the 220 Gig toshiba hard drive released this year, and you have a 10th anniversary edition solar-powered iPod Classic with 220 Gigs
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    Classic with solar charging and 120+SSD. Bam
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    The solar charge is not for everyday use, but as a backup method, especially during a field trip.
  14. pewra, Sep 20, 2011
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    Even with 100% efficiency, there is no where near enough power generated by solar panels on the surface of any iPod device. Unlike common belief, you can not use solar panels indoors to 'trickle charge', and having any part of the panel covered reduces it's output to nothing.

    You would be far better off using the space taken by the panel and DC converter to put a slightly bigger battery in.

    If you want a 'solar charger', go buy one; Apple is never going to release an ugly device for the minority that would use it. Moreover, you have them in your pocket most of the time, get real.
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  16. JAT
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    I don't get it. Are people's phones and music players often sitting in the sun? Mine's in a pocket if I'm walking. Plus, what pewra said. Doesn't seem to be a useful tech.
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    Might be nice in the future but seems too impractical at the moment. Would be a unique feature, though.
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    This would definitely be an interesting product. I for one would love not mind having to plug in my iPod to charge and if they could turn this into reality I would love it even more if it made its way over to the iPhone that would be the ultimate phone then hands down.

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