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Apple Runs New 'Hollywood' iPad Spot During the Oscars

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Apple ran a new iPad television advertisement tonight during the Academy Awards telecast. The spot follows the same theme as Apple's two prior ads, 'Alive' and 'Together'.

    They highlight some of the 300,000 apps made specifically for the iPad, using a variety of words to describe them. The 'Hollywood' ad for tonight uses 'Lights', 'Camera', and 'Action'.

    Apps featured in the new ad include iMovie, the iTunes Store, Polaroid, Apple Maps, Action Movie FX, and more, as well as clips from Back to the Future, Apollo 13, and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    Article Link: Apple Runs New 'Hollywood' iPad Spot During the Oscars
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    Ah yes, Action Movie FX, the best way to relieve some stress when someone is annoying you.
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    I've grown to hate these after the previous two. Now this one?!
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    Why do they have to yell out the words?? It would be so much better if it was just the text and background music...
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    I love it. These commercials are so tastefully done you could use them to advertise Bentleys.
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    These ads are somewhat...meh
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    Why is no one mentioning Steve's birthday today? :(
    I'm surprised...

    I kind of wish the one's who one an Oscar for Brave would have mentioned him or something.
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    Still can't decide if this ad campaign is working or not - see one of the ads on TV and I kinda shake my head, then during the next ad break another one is shown and it kinda seems to work. Sitting on the fence with a drink or 2 over Apple's new ad campaign. Could be worse...?! Or it could be better...
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    I was thinking the same. Happy Birthday Steve!!

    P.S These ads make me cringe a little.
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    Agree. That's the part that bugs me about them.
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    Light! Camera! and Action!

    are words traditionally called out loudly by the director in a film production. It doesn't have the same impact if he whispers it.
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    that was obnoxious :(
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    Yeah, I understand the words, I just don't like the yelling. It's not that ad specifically, they do the same in all of them. And I don't think the yelling is necessary to get the message across (no whispering needed either).
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    At least they didn't yell out "iPad!" at the end.
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    I agree, thought the same thing when I saw the first two.
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    its like a commercial for children program. no like. :(
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    The words are "Lights," "Camera," "Action."

    Yes I know you were trying to make a point, but it didn't work. :rolleyes:

    I seriously laugh at those who say these ads are annoying and loud. Get a grip people, it's a 30 second ad and they 'yell' every 10 seconds for .5 second. Not that bad people. Maybe some are on their computers too much and the slightest noise hurts their ear drums. :( Hope none you live the big city, you might hear a car honk or someone sneeze in your home. :p

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    Would the noise not be you guys shooting each other:cool:
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    Huh? Nobody here is complaining that the noise is unbearable or has devastated them in any way; they're simply expressing their dislike for the ad's format. Believe it or not, when Apple commissioned this ad, they weren't hoping people would see it and say "They're that bad". The idea behind any ad is that it's supposed to be endearing enough to make you want to buy stuff. This ad seems to have failed, not the commenter parodying it.
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    Maybe so, but for a company that has one of the best advertising teams in the world, Apple shouldn't be airing any ads that are even remotely annoying. And these are certainly more than just remotely...
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    Maybe that's the point? ;)

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