Apple Says iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug Fix is on the Way

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    Just a day after Microsoft offered workarounds for an iOS 6.1 Exchange syncing bug and said that it was working with Apple on a solution, Apple has announced on its support page (via ZDNet) that it has identified the problem and is working on a fix.
    Apple details its own workaround until that update is available, advising users to go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" under "Settings," selecting the Exchange account from the accounts list, turning the switch for "Calendars" off, waiting 10 seconds and then turning it back on.

    The bug, which caused iOS 6.1 devices to continuously loop when syncing a recurring calendar meeting invitation to Microsoft Exchange, isn't the first bug to stem from the two-week old iOS 6.1. iPhone 4S users were affected by a bug that hampered 3G performance, although that was fixed with Apple's release of iOS 6.1.1 a couple of days ago. There is no timeframe for when the fix for the Exchange bug will be released.

    Article Link: Apple Says iOS 6.1 Exchange Bug Fix is on the Way
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    Lets hope the jailbreak still works.
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    Why would it randomly stop working? The only way it will stop working is if you blindly update.
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    Of course, he means with the update.
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    Yes, I know... but everyone keeps asking that every time there's an update announcement. It's becoming akin to "Safari feels snappier!" =\
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    The real fix

    What they REALLY need to fix is the iPhone 4s 'NO WiFi' BUG.
    6.1.1 didn't do ***** for us. :mad:
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    Apple... Ps: there's no smiley for despair!
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    Is it not a valid concern?

    It's absolutely nothing like 'Safari feels snappier'.

    If someone has a jailbroken device and has the exchange bug they need to update to fix the bug - but if that means they lose the jailbreak, where do they stand?
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    Can it run Crysis?
  11. TMar, Feb 14, 2013
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    Maybe he is effected by this bug and wants a jailbreak?
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    I hope sooner then later, I'm still blocked from my server:(
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    What 'No WiFi' bug? Don't have a single problem with my wife's 4S...
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    iOS 6 has had issues from Day 1 with Exchange. Hopefully now that someone new is in charge of the OS iOS 7 is relatively problem free.
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    fingers crossed if the updated does fix the issue and doesnt stops the jailbreak but if it does stop it hopefully the dev teams will release a fix for 6.1 so people can keep their jailbreak. I'm sure the same happened previously, with comex releasing the pdf patch after people used jailbreakme.
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    What type of issues are folks having? I have not notice anything on my 4s.
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    We have 7,000+ users on our Exchange 2010 server (fully up to date). Plenty of iOS 6.1/6.1.1 devices.

    Not a single eyebrow has been raised in regards to iOS 6.1/6.1.1 acting any "different". No issues to report, apparently. No increase in traffic, no change in expected functionality, etc.

    That being said, the admins have said that iOS has never really worked right, and that your should treat your calendar as read only when using iOS.

    Example situation (verified yesterday):

    1) User A creates a recurring event with Outlook, User B and User C are invited. They receive the event confirmation and accept. User A receives acknowledgement of the acceptance from both users.

    2) User A later remembers an important detail and updates the recurring event with their iOS device.

    3) User B and User C receive an invitation to a "new" recurring event. Similar to the original, but with the new details. This is saved to their calendar as a second event, right next to the first. They accept the event confirmation again.

    4) User A receives the acceptance confirmations for the event, but still sees it as just event #1. User B and User C see event #1 and event #2.

    Expected behavior:
    iOS devices should update just event #1 (the original), and never create event #2.
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    Just ignore those comments... it is better for your health!

    And I should ignore the comments about these comments...
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    I have seen "No WiFi" on a friend's 4S. It is not a software bug. It is faulty hardware that requires a Genius exchange.
  20. bushido, Feb 14, 2013
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    their ios 6 update numbers r gonna get confusing soon with all those quick bug fixes for different devices ^^

    new bug: "flow in 6.1 lets u bypass the passcode on the lockscreen"

    apple get ur crap together
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    Glad I waited on the JB, I rely on exchange support.
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    if this update plugs the jailbreak, i'm getting the Galaxy S4 upon its release.
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    You better get in line then. Apple WILL patch the jailbreak. Maybe not in the next release. But they WILL at some point in the future.
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    Given that the hardware was often working fine before running a software update it could just be software. But they haven't been able to figure out what part of the software it is yet for some variants (like the wifi being grayed out) so they are swapping hardware.
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    Calendars and Exchange in iOS has always been buggy. Updates don't work right. Accepting events often don't seem to register with the exchange server. As someone else stated, iOS calendars should be used as a read only service.

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