Apple screws people over

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by nyli2, Nov 27, 2012.

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    The new ipad mini is only half great. There is NO reason apple could not of made it as fast as the iphone 5 and with a better screen:mad:
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    While Apple could have made it better, they have not screwed anyone over.
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    Except cost and profit margin.

    Oh, and yes. Big multi-billion dollar companies always screw people over - any company, in fact. The 'good companies' all go bankrupt (they fail to play the game).
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    Things tend to cost less as more effective and efficient ways of manufacturing become available.

    As for the original idea, they are not screwing anyone over. If you want apple to put all of the suggested technology into a 7" tablet, the battery life will go down, and people will complain about that. The iPad Mini isn't supposed to be their "pro" tablet- it's more of an inexpensive way for people to get an iPad.
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    Agreed. The specs are well known. They are offering a product for sale. It is up to the customer to decide whether or not that product meets their needs. Apple isn't holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to buy an iPad mini.
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    I played with one for a few minutes at Best Buy. I thought it was pretty snappy. I didn't see any lag whereas my Nexus 7 often does. I'll have to test some more, but I also thought the screen was good (not excellent but good according to my tired, old eyes). :D
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    Really? :confused: No reason? Cost is a reason.
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    They could have added retina and a faster chip, but they didn't because they are about profits. Apple didn't screw anyone over. No one is forcing you to buy an iPad mini either.

    However, Apple needs to beef up their quality control.
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    They didn't screw anyone, the device is fine for what it is. I just bought one as a gift and I know the recipient will be extremely happy.

    If you don't like, just don't buy it. It is a non-essential product...
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    Jeep screwed me over because they don't sell a Wrangler with an 8-cycliner engine.

    Starbucks screws me over because they don't offer eggnog lattes year-round.
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    This forum has become 'MacRant'
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    People love ranting on forums, this hasn't changed.
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    Here is a thought, don't buy it. Why push a product with all the bells and whistles if you're not sure it will succeed? This angry ******** is stupid. Tell Apple with your wallet because bitching on a forum is pointless.
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    Really? And you know this because you are the head of the Apple engineering departmment? :rolleyes:
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    i find it difficult to take seriously anyone who creates a thread with a 2 sentence rant.
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    The 16gb iphone 5 is $699 the ipad mini is $329. I don't see the correlation or apple screwing people over.
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    I have never been screwed over by Apple, simply because i chose to buy their products. And their products have always been consistantly good for my use as a consumer
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    Retina screen? Not even likely next year, says AnandTech.
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    Don't you know that if you make money now, especially in the USA, you are an evil, elitist villain?
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    "McWhine" may be more appropriate. :D
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    You know, you are so right! Why don't you fix them and buy some other product? Or better yet start your own company and show Apple how to do it right!! Check back next year and let us know how it went. ;)
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    Why should they? And it would cannibalize sales for iPad 4 anyway.

    It's selling like mad now and it will sell like mad again when they bump up the specs. If I was Apple, I'd do the same thing. Why blow your load the first time out? Like most rational people here, vote with your wallet. I'm waiting for the retina.
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    Sorry but due to restrictions of current CPUs it is not possible. Blame Moore's law not apple. The jump from 3-4 was short because the A5X couldn't really handle the retina display.

    you can only have two of these when picking a cpu

    there are several problems including: over heating, slow down/ dealys, short battery life, over size, over priced.
    all of these are issues of fitting a retina display into a 7.9 inch frame. Next year's cpu will provide enough power for a retina display without these problems.
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    LMAO.....All of those geniuses twisting peoples arms and holding guns to their customer's heads to make them buy their products. Yep, really screwing people over. :rolleyes:
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