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Apple Seeds Build 12D54 of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Apple today seeded build 12D54 of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 to developers, marking the sixth beta iteration of the newest version of Mountain Lion. 10.8.3 was first seeded to developers in November.

    Build 12D54 comes just eight days after build 12D50, and like the previous build, contains no known issues or features. Build 12D50 brought only minor changes, and asked developers to focus on testing AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, Graphics Drivers, and Safari.

    9to5Mac notes that the new build contains significant changes to WiFi, but additional changes are unknown. Registered developers can download the update on Apple's Developer Page.

    This post originally referred to Build 12D54 as the seventh developer seed of OS X 10.8.3 when it was actually the sixth seed.

    Article Link: Apple Seeds Build 12D54 of OS X 10.8.3 to Developers
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    They're really testing this one thoroughly.
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    Hopefully, 10.8.3 will fix the crashes when switching graphic cards
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    It kinda feels like this is the last update (or second to last) before 10.9.
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    My 10.8.2 issues:


    2) Poor battery life (2-3 hours, max, on MacBook Pro w/ 92% of original battery capacity)

    3) iCal randomly gives errors with Google calendars.

    I've seen no changelog (anywhere) that mentions those being addressed.
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    Lols. Where did that come from?
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    still no reason for "switching" from SL to ML. i have to admit that airdrop is nice, but not so widespread. all the social cr@p can go to hell. i want back proper exposè and spaces.
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    Just a personal opinion with no basis in facts but I fell like this is the last one before OS 11.0 due to the change in IOS bosses.
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    Try to go into Disk Utility and Repair/Verify Permissions on the HDD. As for the battery, try to calibrate it if you haven't done so recently. Use it from 100% then drain it completely to 0% and then charge it back up to 100%.
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    I actually have all of these issues too
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    I can't help but think the live release of 10.8.3, and maybe iOS 6.1, coming around the earnings call next week.
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    Man I so agree.


    I have none of these issues.
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    Considering the thorough testing and the fact that 10.8 was announced roughly around the same time. I have no inside info, just feels that way.
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    Mike MA

    There's quite a big number of builds out there for this one...

    4) Airplay issues
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    hope this means that the os will be smother...
    still experience some hiccups on my rMBP once in a while
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    Still driver support for 79XX cards in this beta?

    A couple have mentioned that this release is seeing a lot of seeds before release. Anybody think this could be to ensure compatibility with the new Mac Pro due shortly? I figure that new graphics drivers only point to a Mac Pro, no iMac, Mini etc is going to be using these cards.
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    Mountain Lion seems to be inherently buggy. It has slow shutdowns, Safari is crashy or beachballs a lot and silly things like changing desktop background does not respond unless you repeat it twice.
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    I'm so tired of reading this. First of all, "all the social cr@p" is completely optional and not at all intrusive. It can be completely turned off. Second of all, SL didn't have "proper" exposè. "proper" exposè ended with Leopard. SL added the scaled exposè which many argued was worse. ML brings back proper, unscaled, exposè.

    Still don't like it? Don't use it then. But this completely unconstructive whining has to end.
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    I hope this makes Safari snappier... Ha, you didn't see it coming! :p
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    Well, exactly one month from today, it's been a year since Apple announced Mountain Lion. Considering how long it's taken them to test 10.8.3, I totally agree with NintendoFan.
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    Yeah, there's also icloud support, which is a huge reason to switch IMO.
  22. Peace, Jan 16, 2013
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    There is an ATI 7000 controller extension.

    I might add the minimum system version is 10.8

    They could just be making the ATI 7000 series cards available for the 2010 Mac Pro.
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    Slow shutdown time seems to be fixed in this build :)
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    This is caused by Google I think. As far as I can tell, Apply is fully compliant with calDAV. It's google which is fussing with something.
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    They always release in mid 50's or low 60's build numbers.

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