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Apple Seeds Build 12D68 of OS X Beta 10.8.3 to Developers

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Apple today seeded build 12D68 of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 to developers, marking the tenth beta iteration of the newest version of Mountain Lion. 10.8.3 was first seeded to developers in November 2012.

    Build 12D68 comes roughly a week after build 12D65. Registered developers can download the update on Apple's Developer Page.

    This post originally referred to Build 12D68 as the eleventh developer seed of OS X 10.8.3 when it was actually the tenth seed.

    Article Link: Apple Seeds Build 12D68 of OS X Beta 10.8.3 to Developers
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    Sky Blue

    it keeps on going...
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    This does not make any sense, what the hell are they fixing in a point release that needs ELEVEN betas??????
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    Apple is definitely trolling us.
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    Good question.

    Maybe they don't want something about iOS 7.0 leaking out? :eek:
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    More than likely the annoying wifi drop that requires a reboot to fix.
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    I think Apple is making sure 10.8.3 is a good release because they are working hard on 10.9. That's how it's been in the past. The 3rd point release is usually the best one.

    I said "usually" Ok ?

  8. Guest

    1 - Are wake-from-sleep Ethernet disconnections gone?

    2 - mdworker/sandboxing issues and messages gone?
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    i rather have beta testers kill their machines rather than mines.
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    This is getting ridiculous.
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    Maps, Siri
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    Because there is a major major bug in wifi on mac boom pro retinas which make it useless
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    At this point I think it is simply about sending a message. I am not sure if the developers at Apple are trying to send a message to Tim Cook, or if Tim Cook is trying to send a message to its users or to Wall Street, but it seems to me that someone within the organization is thumbing their nose at the idea of being subtle about the amount of testing that has gone into this update.
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    Correction, A play, Aport, Games, Graphics drivers, Safari
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    I was surprised that I have another version of the 10.3 beta to try out again so soon.

    I had quite a few issues with the beta early on, but they addressed them two releases ago. I'm not sure what they are correcting but it's rock stable for me right now.

    EDIT Most of the issues I've seen people complain about, above, have been addressed - That being said, you'd all be complaining if they missed something in a hurry to rush this out :p


    Sorry, but this comment made me laugh out loud. They are correcting issues - a few of them I had in a release two version ago, this isn't some kind of grand plot...

    :apple: o :apple: o
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    Ridiculous. Haven't they been listing no known issues for the last few builds? Maybe there is something that will reveal info on Mac Pro's or something that they are just trying to keep under wraps.

    I'm anxious for this release as I've moved all my files over to an external hard drive in preparation for an erase and install as I upgrade from 10.7.5. Really hard sitting in limbo like this. I know it's been my own fault to jump the gun but this beta is really dragging out.
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    Been there, done that, you'll appreciate it :D
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    Were you around when we transitioned from PPC to Intel ?

    That was a blast LOL

    My Dev kit crashed at least 50 times.

    I mean crashed and burned.
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    *like* :D
  21. Guest

    You mean she is back? ;)

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    Anyone know if the auto-mounting of NAS drives from sleep is now fixed?
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    There are so many file system bugs and other serious issues in finder I frankly don't care if it gets to 50 beta.

    imho 10.8.2 is one of the worst releases Apple has available for the last 2 years. It's like dealing with windows style issues..

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    Do these betas include a new version of Safari that renders pages faster on rMBPs? (i.e. the "Webkit" version)
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    Yeah I've gotta say that while my RMBP is nice and all, there are a lot more hardware compatibility issues and bugs than with my old 2008 BlackBook.

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