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Apple Seeds Build 12F13 of OS X Beta 10.8.5 to Developers

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 26, 2013.

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    No known issues, eh — If this update fixes the blue tinting I'm experiencing now and then when switching from Integrated to Discrete graphics on my 15" mid 2012 MacBook Pro, I'll be a happy little camper.
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    No issues? I guess this is not where Apple is going to address 802.11ac problems :rolleyes:
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    Meanwhile over here in Mavericks DP2 land....things are going good.
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    802.11ac is not officially supported in 10.8 to begin with. Supported in 10.9.
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    And the new MacBook Airs are being sold 10.9DP1, then? Because they do support 802.11ac...
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    Boom! Haha.
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    soundguyami does make a point Menge. Just because we have newer hardware doesn't mean the current OS X will support it. Just as how rMBP were being shipped with 10.7.x even though that edition of OS X was not fully optimized for the retina until Mountain Lion came out a few months later.
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    A part of me wants to die when I see the above posts; 'no issues' means 'no known regressions' - that is, new problems introduced by the update when compared against the previous release.
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    What I mean is this timeline:

    10.8.4 (no 802.11ac yet) ---> Branch custom build for Airs with 802.11ac ---> merge 802.11ac into mainline for 10.8.5

    Maintaining two custom versions of 10.8.5 (one for computers with 802.11ac and one without) makes no sense. It's more work for nothing. They had to have a custom build of 10.8 for the Airs for the launch, but believe me, at the first chance they get, they're gonna merge both branches. It makes sense that 10.8.5 is the merged build.
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    As a developer, it's amusing that current 10.9 beta's have improved OpenGL support and such while beta's for 10.8 don't. Yes, I know one is a complete rewrite, but since it already has those aspects done, it's a reminder that OS updates are still market/consumer driven.

    Just a random thought. :eek:
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    It is a feature, not necessarily a benefit.:)
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    if yr having machine problems just get 10.9

    it actually fixed many different random problems i had with different machines

    works great on everything. no issues at all.

    use google to dl and update


    it even works like a charm on my mid 07 iMac with a fried hd running off an external usb drive
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    Terrible advice for the average user. Even if some things are fixed, people shouldn't try betas unless they take the proper precautions and have the necessary technical chops.

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