Apple Seeds Mac OS X Leopard 9A499 to Developers

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Apple appears to be making steady progress on Leopard and provided ADC Developers with a new seed today.

    The newest seed (9A499) reportedly has introduced a number of new bugs, but subjective reports indicate it feels much faster.

    This is the first Leopard update released to developers since the WWDC build was finally seeded earlier this month.

    Apple publicly demoed Leopard at WWDC in June and is expected to released Mac OS X Leopard in October of this year.

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    closer to the day they let the kitty out of its cage
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    I honestly cannot wait. :D
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    I can't wait any longer! I hope it is going to be wiorth the wait, does anyone think that there are going to be any features that have not been shown?
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    not me. if anything, i think we might see some features evaporate. but that's just stinkin thinkin.

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    The things I'm hoping for is more iPhone interaction (remote control, wireless syncing) and that they didn't remove the iChat feature to share screens and control others computers. I would dearly love that cause a few of my friends ask me to troubleshoot their computers and I hate having to be super descriptive for them to get it, i can just manually do it for them through iChat and not have to mess with more complex VNC programs.
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    Nothing major - maybe some enhancements to existing apps / features that havent been mentioned. I reckon leopard is being made stable and then some spit and polish will be applied.
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    it's in there. just not in ichat anymore.
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    They're making some progress I see, me like a lot :)
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    I want it :(
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    9a466 stil had iChat screen sharing, at least its button was still in the bottom of the iChat contact list.
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    yeah, every new patch of something apple makes makes os x snappier, mine is so snappy it acts before i do :D
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    i just checked the demo of the leopard ichat and there is no mention of the desktop sharing. and, if my recollection is correct, this feature was not mentioned at the big reveal of all the features of leopard. may not bode well for that feature.
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    Nice of them to increase the number of bugs in every new release ;p

    Nah, I'm happy to see signs of development, indicating the release is closing in =) I'll get my first mac (MacBook Pro 2.2) in a week or so, I love Mac, but I've never even bought a computer for myself earlier. I've just used my folks' PCs. The current one in my bedroom is a 333MHz Dell XPS ;) That'll indicate it's age.

    I'm really excited, both about the MBP and soon Leopard (I'll probably buy an iPod with Leopard, if it's up to 6G by then.)
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    watch the demo of the finder... as the presenter selects shared computers from the side bar there's a button to "share screen"
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    essentially two months to go - should not be too long now until it goes Gold Master - wonder if the recent iLife rumor means that the two are coming together.
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    From what i've read over at ThinkSecret earlier, while it's faster, it's less stable, with more bugs.


    Looking good :eek:
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    Image of iChat from January

    On the bottom of the iChat contact list is a row of four buttons. I am most curious about the one on the far right, is that iChat Theater or Screen Sharing?

    Edit: It just dawned on me that WWDC was in June, not January, so that's an out of date picture of iChat. Regardless, that button is still in iChat in 9a466.
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    the screen sharing feature is there for ichat
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    woah woah woah people lets not get ahead of ourselves....

    we have to wait for iphone version 2 before we can get leopard.:rolleyes::cool:
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    wow that only took 21 posts for an iphone to be brought into a thread irrelevant to the iphone :p:p
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    Could you expand on that a little? It was a promised feature early on, maybe a year ago, but it seems to have disappeared from the Leopard Tour site at Apple.
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    Apple has a disclaimer that says that some features may not be included in the final version. Steve doesnt "promise" any of the new features. It would be kind weird to hear him say "I promise there will be a new finder in leopard"
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    Glad to see they're working on it.
    Even though I can't wait, I will probably wait 'till 10.5.2 or .3
    Or maybe I won't be able to wait! Way to go Apple :)
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    I don't think "iPhone 2" will come out this year. I don't really want it to. Apple needs to focus on their Macs. PLEASE, GIVE US THOSE SHINY NEW IMACS! :(

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