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Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.2 Build 11C57 to Developers

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Apple is picking up the pace of OS X 10.7.2 developer seeds as it moves toward a public launch of iCloud and iOS 5, today pushing out Build 11C57 to developers for testing.

    As with the previous seed, which came just five days ago, the iCloud components have been rolled into OS X 10.7.2. iCloud has previously been a separate download for beta testers.

    Apple continues to list no known issues with the latest build, and has made no changes to its list of focus areas for testing, which include AddressBook, GraphicsDrivers, iCal, iChat, iCloud, Mac App Store, Mail, MobileMe, Safari, Spotlight, and Time Machine.

    Article Link: Apple Seeds OS X 10.7.2 Build 11C57 to Developers
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    iOS 5 Beta 8 soon to follow later today? :confused:
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    And iOS 5 beta 8 to follow right? Right? Apple? ;)
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    My guess is that since rumors pointed to today for iOS beta 8, it won't come out till tomorrow. :p
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    We've gotta be less than a week away from GM.
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    GM comes out at event, of which we have no invites to, so no GM next week.

    Invites 21st
    Event/GM 28th

    iOS 5 Oct 10
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    October 7th fool. :D
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    no more beta of iOS 5 please :)
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    I just love how iOS 5 will be released very soon and Facebook promised the iPad add to be released this summer and it never came out. So, I guess Apple IS better than you Facebook! LMFAO :)
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    facebook never promissed they would release iPad app this summer. that was all rumor.
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    iMessage support for iChat in this Lion Release?
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    I would highly imagine iMessage would be baked into 10.7.2. Seems kind of pointless to wait for another build. (10.7.3)
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    weird Im still showing build 11C55 from Sept 11th

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    same here
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    I've given them until this release to fix the battery issues before I give my MBP to my dad and go back too PeeCee. I like Lion, but losing 3 hours of battery life per charge made me sad.
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    lol they are recycling images. I hope they include more preferences edits in 10.7.2. That's what I want most, then bug fixes, then iCloud support. That's just what I would like. I am really contemplating going back to SL for the performance. The amount of speed gained by a full 64-bit cocoa applications is quickly being over shadowed by a system that is not optimized.
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    Because you get great battery life on most PC laptops, right?
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    Safari any snappier? :)
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    im in the same boat, showing sep 11, last update

    so I'm still showing sep11 for last update,, hum,, i guess ill sit and wait,, I'm def hoping for that iMessage on my mac,, that would be the ****!
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    Try an SMC and PRAM reset. Fixed that issue for me.
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    "This computer sucks! Think I'll give it to my Dad."

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    it probably is, but the delay in my jigrasp (finger swipes) makes it feel slower over all. jgrasp not running fast (and at times not running all) i have to wait before it becomes active again. it's just weird over all. this auto save and no save-as is a real drag when working on projects.

    I can't believe i am saying this but 2 versions of lion would be nice, one meant for professionals.

    There are also animations between things that take up time, like in ical i have to wait for the flap to turn to change the page. 12GB of Hard Drive space is being taken up by the back up partition, which really annoys me.
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    I used to get 9 out of my 17" MBP and my Vaio Z, now I get 4 out of my MBP and I'm still getting 9 on my Vaio :rolleyes:.

    Word, I'll try that meow.
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    "It's been over a year since the iPad was released and despite the phenomenal success of Facebook's iPhone app, Facebook has yet to deliver an official app designed for the iPad.

    That won't be true for much longer, reports the New York Times' Nick Bilton, who writes that Facebook is planning to release a free iPad app in the "coming weeks" "

    June 17, 2011

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    As he said, Facebook never promised anything.

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