Apple Sees Highest Growth in China, Revenue Up 67%

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 23, 2013.

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    During today's quarterly results call for the first fiscal quarter of 2013, Peter Oppenheimer mentioned that the company focused on establishing a new operating segment of Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

    "We have established a new operating segment for China, given the contribution of that region to our business," said Oppenheimer.

    The company has adjusted how it reports revenue for separate geographic regions because of the significant sales of both hardware and software in China during the last couple of years. China was responsible for $6.8 billion of Apple's revenue during the last quarter. Overall revenue in China is up 67%.

    While Apple experienced strong iPhone growth overall, selling 47 million iPhones compared to 37 million in the year-ago quarter, it saw the most significant growth in China, which is up more than 100% year over year. Despite a late launch of the iPad, it was also noted to be successful in the country.
    Apple opened four new stores in the Greater China area during 2012, and when asked about China during the question and answer section, Cook reiterated plans to continue to expand on the 11 stores that it has in the country, saying that Apple had "many more" stores to open.

    Tim Cook spent a portion of January in China, meeting with both government officials and representatives from China Mobile, the country's largest mobile carrier. During the visit, Cook was interviewed by Sina Technology, where he emphasized Apple's efforts to raise its profile in the country.

    Article Link: Apple Sees Highest Growth in China, Revenue Up 67%
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    Let's ask Sony how they feel about this.
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    is that iPad banner real? it has less backlight bleeding than my new iMac 27
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    That is one cool looking store.
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    With a growing middle class, China is a scarily huge market...
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    Probably because Apple just started selling their products in China. It's easier to improve when you're near 0. But there is also the increase in Chinese wealth.
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    Like it or not, sooner or later, profits from the Chinese market will overtake APPLE's domestic market, so it's definitely smart of APPLE to have positioned themselves so well in that regard.

    Wonder how those talks with CHINA MOBILE are going; a deal there, could really explode the sale of cell-enabled iOs devices!
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    city wok, can I take your order please

    I am sorry, the iphone offer has expired last week. We got an iPad with two family value meals if you're interested.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Of course. No surprise. And this is only the beginning.
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    Drunken Master

    Oh, outdated "Chinamen" jokes, how appropos.
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    To be fair, it *is* a South Park reference. But still not that funny.

    Altho, you don't get an upvote from me due to "appropos". :rolleyes:
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    Ignoring the big news.
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    This is why all of the US reports of Apple's market "decline" have me shaking my head in disbelief. The Asian market is huge, and Apple is in a great position to dominate it.

    In Japan alone, Apple has significant market share today compared to the almost-zero market share they had here a decade ago.
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    Since 2000, China has become the "new" USA. How much US debt do they own now? :(

    So much for the new US plant and more "jOBS" in the US. I have the horrible feeling new jobs in the US will quickly become low paying assembly line jobs. Soon Foxconn will own small US cities and become the #1 employer. China owns us now, might as well start waving those red flags and learning Mandarin and Min.
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    This should really upset the analysts.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    That is always a good idea.
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    Sure, China is a promising vast market where smartphone mobile subscribers are exponentially growing even among the lower income groups, which is the bulk of the population...

    but the barriers of entry is dropping, substitutability growing, and price elasticity is rising in the smartphone market in China....

    i'm recently playing with a brilliant 5-inch China smartphone running on Android 4 called Always... it's a ripoff of Samsung S3, but 1/3 of the price...

    speaking of which, Samsung advertisements are omnipresent at every turn in emerging cities of Western China... the Koreans are forging a much stronger presence in the long Dragon's body, not just the head.

    Apple needs to realize cooperation with China Mobile operator or they will fall further behind Samsung.
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    Not to mention India... :eek:
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    ROFL, I love SP and AAPL
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    67% up from what number tho? Sounds impressive but it's not considering the revs weren't that high to begin with. Smoke and mirrors. -50 or -10% afterhours. ugh.
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    Oh great, that means that Apple will focus on its Chinese customers more. It'll be like how Mac users suddenly got ignored in favor of iPhone users. KEEP THE PLATFORM AMERICAN!!! jk ;)
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    Like it or not, uppercase letters will soon overtake lowercase letters in your posts.
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    Sadly it isn't. But look at the crowd: :eek:
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    Apples involvement in China will be extremely positive and beneficial for Apple in the future. Defitnetl has potential for China to be biggest revenue maker country, more then in the US

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