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Apple Sells Top 3 U.S. Smartphone Models for All of 2011

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 24, 2012.

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    Apple's iPhones were the top three most popular smartphones in the United States for all of 2011, according to comScore's 2012 Mobile Future in Focus whitepaper. NPD reported similar results for the months of October and November, when the iPhone 4S was the most popular smartphone in the country after it was released.


    For the full year, the iPhone 4S was the country's third most popular smartphone model, beating every other non iPhone model, even though it was only on sale for the final three months of the year. As they were on sale for the full 12 months, both the iPhone 4 and 3GS outsold the iPhone 4S. In fourth place was a single BlackBerry model, followed by the only Android device on the list: the HTC Evo 4G -- a Sprint exclusive, and the first 4G phone available in the US.

    Article Link: Apple Sells Top 3 U.S. Smartphone Models for All of 2011
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    No wonder Samsung is going at the iPhone so hard in their ads :D
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    So how does Android have all this market share?
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    Massive fragmentation. Many manufacturers with lots of models each. No one dominant model.
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    It must be phenomenal. I wonder how long it'll last.
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    But remember: having a phone is all about hype and superficiality, not actual ease of use and getting things done. Having a NEW flash-in-the-pan outer shape is what it’s all about, even if you bury it under a custom case anyway.

    Thus, the iPhone 4S which made all of the iPhone 5 rumors come true except the shape, is unwanted. And clearly, nobody would be caught dead with the iPhone 3G/S styling from FOUR years ago :p

    Apple better shape up and start offering more than three physical phone styles, and they’d better change them up several times a year. People want a phone that’s obsolete, unsupported, and out of fashion quickly, and then they want something that looks new on the outside! (Samsung users excepted: they want the same old styling Apple has used before.)
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    It's split between a ****-ton of OEMs.

    EDIT: already answered.

    I'll just leave this here anyway.
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    Not to mention the fact that they update their models every 2 weeks. I feel like the Droid RAZR came out and 2 weeks later they had the RAZR max or whatever it is.... and Samsung has a new model every other day.
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    I seriously laughed so hard when I saw this. First of all, the iPhone 4S had only been out for 3 months, yet it beat out all non-iPhone competitors. Secondly, the iPhone 3GS is 3 years old! The oldest model that Apple sells is still out selling all of these "Blockbuster" smartphones!

    Apple is laughing all the way to the bank with this one! But watch out! I hear that Samsung Note is going to be a huge hit! A stylus is the way of the future. :p
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    that's kind of the beauty of a limited stock/type.

    They get news of this. Sure Android is selling/giving away more phones but that is from many manufacturers. Apple cam still EASILY say they have the #1, 2 and 3 Phones in the US. and Top in worldwide markets, they aren't shelling out more OS but more phones of the same type than the others.

    Ask someone what iPhone they have and you pretty much know how old/new it is, etc. ask an Android and then you need an explanation...is that the latest, "No, the MaxG Force RAZR is, but i figure mine is just 2 months old, I might 3 more and then get the MaxGForce Lightning Probe RAZR then. I hear it'll be great."
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    Android is winning. [/gruber]
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    Surprise!!! RIM at #4?

    I was really surprised that a Blackberry came in at #4. With all the talk about Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola all duking it out for market share, maybe all the hype about Blackberry being dead isn't quite right. If I were the RIM CEO, I'd be putting up ads on TV about how Blackberry is the best selling smartphone in the US behind the iPhone.

    Alas, that doesn't change my mind on which device I'd carry in my pocket. Maybe the numbers are just showing how corporate america is still offering Blackberries, enough to put them at #4.
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    Considering the 4S was only available for two and a half months in 2011, that's pretty impressive it beat out every single other company's phones.

    I'm sure if Apple had rolled out the 4S quicker in Europe, the top three spots would have looked the same for both charts.
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    And the 3GS is available only on AT&T.
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    There were also massive shortages. The Apple Store in Cambridge was out of stock every day for months.
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    This data isn't surprising. As many have already said, Android has a bigger market share, but only because there is a new Android-based phone every day. I'd sooner consider a WP7 or BB device before Android. I don't know what it is, but something about those Droids repels me.
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    Oh for sure. It's quite obvious that what Apple has been doing simply will not result in decent sales.
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    That's what surprised me as well.

    However, it shouldn't surprise me since I HAVE a freaking blackberry curve. MY COMPANY MAKES ME CARRY IT. :mad: I dual wield the #1 and #4 phones of 2011.
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    The repulsion is their advertizing. God awful junk! Their ads simply don't provide any user benefits. No benefits = no value = no sales.

    I had to burst out laughing whan I saw an ad for using a stylus on their smartphone. They were actually trying to impress everyone that they were catching up to Apple's 1992 Newton. I was totally suprised that they would have the gonads to do something as stupid as that.
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    I think that makes you some kind of superhero. ;)
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    Well done. ;)
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    iPhone4s is a decent phone but I'm tired of the OS.

    Most likely getting Nexus Prime running ice cream sandwich to suit my sweet tooth!
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    If you mean the Galaxy Nexus :) you'll be in the 0.6% of Android users running Ice Cream Sandwich. No hate, I just like numbers.
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    What this guy said!

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