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Apple send your lawyers out!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by cionheart, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Chip, a german computer magazin reports about a new notebook from Gericom named Hollywood. It will be introduced at the CeBit in two weeks.
    Here's the link (german, sorry):


    Not only does it look similar to the Powerbook, it's also build in the same factory! Anyway it looks like a cheap copy to me because of the white keys (but only for half the money too...).

    -- cionheart
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    cannot read German..But I see it mentions APPLE many times.
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    just thought it was funny that it's from germany and called 'Geri'com after we call them Jerry's. Who says the jerry's don't have a sense of humor ;)
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    Use Sherlock.

    Apple attorneys watched out: Gericom presents on the CeBIT a Notebook,
    which sees deceptively similar to the PowerBook. The "Hollywood"
    Notebook offers a 15:10-Widescreen-Display. Mobile
    Pentium-4-Prozessoren with up to 2 GHz as well as the i845-Chipsatz
    operate internally. Further technical data:

    Max. 512 MByte GDR RAM fixed disk: To to 60 GByte TFT displays: 15.2
    inch in WXGA+ dissolution (1,280 x 854) diagram: GeForce4-Go with 64
    MByte GDR memory LAN: 10/100-MBit/s, W-LAN optionally 2x USB 2,0, TV
    Out, FireWire, S/P DIF Out price: approx.. 1,700 euro

    Gericom on the CeBIT: 2, status C23 resounds

    CHIP on-line one means: The Design comes us much admits
    forwards - from the Apple Powerbook. No miracle: The latter is
    manufactured in the same factory as the Gericom Hollywood - only here
    PC technique puts in it. The fact that Apple presents good Design is
    well-known; with PC technique on the inside sends device of Gericom
    opens to a much larger clientele.

    The unusual display size relation of 15:10 (motion picture films
    mostly are in 16:9) is to enable a cinema-canvas-similar picture
    feeling. We are strained on a first test this Gericom "Schoenlings".

    Info.: www.gericom.com

    Price comparison: Current Notebook supplies
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    It looks a lot ****tier than the Powerbook.

    I'm sure its aluminum too with backlit keys... :rolleyes:
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    apple wont care, it doesnt scare them. its just another no name brand making a crappy computer. now if this was dell or compaq making this, then they would get out their lawyers.

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    No worries, it took pc manufacturers two years to catch up to the 15" TiBook, wohoo we finally offer you a 15" widescreen!:rolleyes: I'd probably purchase the VPR one before this one though if I were looking for a pc, this one looks kinda cheap.

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    Re: Apple send your lawyers out!

    Dell and Acer will be producing 15.4" and 17" widescreen laptops. I think Compal, Quanta, and Foxconn manufacture most laptops. The difference is the software....

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