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Apple September 2013 Media Event: Spoiler Free Video Stream [Video Posted]

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 9, 2013.

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    With Apple's September 2013 Media Event kicking off on Tuesday, some users are interested in avoiding all of the announcements and waiting until Apple posts the recorded video of the event so as to experience it without already knowing the outcome.

    For those individuals, we've posted this news story, which will be updated with the link to the presentation once it becomes available from Apple. No other news stories or announcements will be displayed alongside this story.

    Users waiting for the video to be posted are welcome to gather in the thread associated with this news story, and we ask that those who follow the events refrain from making any posts in the thread about Tuesday's announcements.

    Video Available: Video Stream - No spoilers on the page at the time of this posting.

    Article Link: Apple September 2013 Media Event: Spoiler Free Video Stream [Video Posted]
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    I have a strong feeling Apple would provide live stream of the event :D
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    Has this been confirmed yet? And will it be available on the web? I really want to watch and don't have an Apple TV where I'll be.
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    Except unfortunately I'm in school during the keynote... :/ Apple Keynotes should be national holidays :D.
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    At this time, there is no information about live streaming availability.
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    Well no, based on past event apple announce it like 2-3 hours before the event.
    But knowing apple would introduce 2 iphone, i'm guessing they will come out with a bang.
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    Usually it's available for safari and iOS devices through Apple's website.
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    Let's do this....unless Apple provides a live stream...sorry folks...
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    Apple TV normally has a live steam. That's what I'll be doing.
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    Damn time zones! Don't apple even consider the Irish when making plans like? And not just keynotes, but in general.


    Nothing like a bit of OS discrimination to make our apple products feel superior :cool:
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    My Sources Told Me, Apple Won't Stream Tomorrow's Event
  13. Narrator Jack, Sep 9, 2013
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    I think I'm gonna try to be surprised this time and wait for the keynote stream. However, I'll probably have to leave my iPhone home for the day until I'm done at work. Fortunately I don't work in front of a computer, but all my friends would text me and spoil it. :apple:
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    I don't have an internet connection at home for another 3 weeks so I'm going spoiler-free on Tuesday until I can blag one from somewhere!!
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    thanks so much. i'll be working at the time of the announcement.

    i really appreciate this. :D
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    If / when a stream is announced (be this after the event or before) then I would imagine the first post will be updated with the link.
  18. tevion5, Sep 9, 2013
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    I didn't actually calculate it but if your right that's great!
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    Work at a tech company... I somehow doubt I won't hear about the announcements during work.

    The one glimmer of hope is that if they stream, they'll perfectly overlap with my lunch and I can watch it live.
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    How long are your lunchbreaks dude? The keynotes are usually up to two hours long
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    What time is this crap starting exactly? European times, please.
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    I hope Phil Schiller says his ultimate catch phrase at the end of the event. "Can't innovate my ass!".

    Gotta love Phil!
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    These users should just avoid this site and the Internet then
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    That's exactly what I thought, if people want to be "spoiler free", then why do they come to a page called MacRumors?
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    So how do I keep from not finding out the news, and not seeing anything about the announcement until the video is up?

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