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Apple September keynote download?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bluefiberoptics, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I currently have the big collection of Apple events starting from 1983. Does anyone know where I could find the recent Apple keynote event to download? Thanks!
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    I would also like to know
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    yes i would also like to know and i am only posting this so it keeps it high up on the list so more people see it therefore more likely someone will be able to answer the OP....:D
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    Thanks. I've been looking for this too. I'm on the road and my hotel connection is too slow to stream.
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    thanks!!! I've been trying to stream the keynote, but i only ever see the first disclaimer, then the music stops and the video never moves.

    this will be great.
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    oh thank you so much! Ive been looking for this for weeks.
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    Too slow

    Anyone pull down an .MP4 of the event yet? I'd like to throw it up on my @TV.
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    are you sure thats the right mp4 link? When I click it, it just takes me to the page where you stream the keynote.
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