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Apple sets out strategy to dominate mobile market

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 16, 2008.

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    pretty good article.

    we'll see what happens in late June though
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    The article is fine, but it does have one error. Apps will be able to be downloaded wirelessly to the iPhone over cell/wi-fi network - you do not need to sync your iPhone to the computer to download applications.
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    I dont see an error

    Sure he doesnt specify wireless access, but he also doesnt say its wired only. He just specifies the correct fact that during sync you have access to the store.
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    Probably the silliest article I've read for a while since he refers to the US market share figures and then ends the article with "Your move, Nokia".
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    Obviously the message about those S60v3 applications isn't resonating loudly enough in some places?
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    Or he's a talentless hack who hasn't done his research.

    Looking at the rest of his output I'd say it's the latter.
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    If I had any money, I'd be putting it on Apple stock right now. First day 2.0 comes out, it's guna jump like crazy!

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