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Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by yzedf, May 31, 2003.

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    Thursday morning I purchased a refurbished 10GB iPod from I also bought a pcmcia firewire card from Amazon at the same time (9am PST). For both I payed for overnight delivery. The card I got from Amazon on Friday, and the iPod from Apple is still not here (11pm Saturday night).


    What is the explanation (excuse really) for this?
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    Excuse? Why would Apple need an excuse? Their customers are nothing but vehicles to bring money in - why should they care about them? Apple knows that their fans will stay just as rabid no matter how they are treated.
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    I agree, with overnight shipping you should have it by now. However, that is shipping, not actually gettig out of Apple's door. They, like all companies make NO claim about getting it out the door in a timly fashion. I would call them up and see what they have to say about it, but I bet your going to get the run around, especailly cause you bought a refurb product (I don't think this should matter, but they will).

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    Id have to say UPS/ Fed-Ex. They are evil. That is all.
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    apple ships via airborn who does not deliver on saturday....what does the status on apples site say. I would say the unit probably shipped out on friday after processing your credit card (a much bigger purchase than the card) and it will arrive on monday....its how things work I'm waiting for a new battery from applecare that should be here on monday too
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    FedEx is not the problem. Credit card is not the problem (that is validated in seconds). Prolem is me buying something Thursday morning, and it didn't get picked up (ie Apple didn't arrange anything) for 2 days, when I payed extra for overnight delivery. Especially when compared with another purchase made at the same time with the same terms at another major online vendor.
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    Did you check what the delivery status is? Did Apple already push it out the door? Is it in a sorting station in Juno? Just cool down a bit.
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    Re: Apple shipping complaint

    that's why you should buy things on monday mornings. they tend to arrive when they're supposed to, on time. usually.
    meanwhile, calm down. it's prolly not apple's fault.
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    if you haven't received delivery confirmation yet, they haven't sent it. and in that event, they are probably having stocking problems or something like that.

    über is über-right. you should order stuff during the early parts of the week if you have to have it "now." apple really isn't skipping a day. most online vendors say "ships 1-2 days." that means apple has till monday to ship it, really, right? i mean, if it had shipped in a day, that would have been friday. the second business day after that is monday. apple wouldn't, i don't think, ship on saturday. could be wrong though.

    i had to get my power supply for my TiBook replaced. i did that on a thursday afternoon too. it took them a week to finally overnight it too me. i was without my computer for a week because they let themselves run out of power supply stocks, as did all of Austin. it's life. i dealt with it by reading more. you can deal with it :D :)
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    If they ran out of refurbs, you could wind-up with a new one. Not very likely, but it could happen. That's what happened with my Microwave from Sears. Either that, or they cancel your order and refund your card. Amazon probably had their item in a wherehouse somewhere ready to go.

    Sorry, I'm trying to feel bad for you, since you did pay for overnight shipping. But it's not even Monday yet. Give it a little time.

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    Ask them to refund the cost of overnight shipping. Simple.
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    I think you guys are missing a basic idea of the idea of overnight shipping that was expresssed above.... overnight shipping does not mean the product will necessarily be there tomorrow....if apple even spent a few extra hours assembling your package that could make it not availbe till monday and saturday delivery is extra unless you decided to pay that fee. Are you sure its fedex, maybe i'm just thinkig of all my applecare items but i always get airborne overnight the only thing that sucks is they don't deliever on saturday at all

    I remember when I ordered my ipod and i bought it off eBay. The guy happened to live in my state and was traveling thru my town to goto a wedding. I was so happy when he was like do you want to meet me? I got two of my friends and we all met in like the parking lot of a mcdonalds it was so cool too get a deal on eBay on saturday then pick it up sunday morning.
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    Refurb comes from California (not stuck in Juno Alaska). This is not a stock issue.

    Monday morning? Yeah.... uh... no! Last I cheked the store took orders all day, every day.

    Already asked for a refund; denied. "It's not our fault that it didn't go out for 2 days, that is normal."

    My point is, and you have all more or less missed it due to blind faith in anything Apple does, is that someone else did a much better job. There is no logic behind what Apple did, only excuses.

    It has now been picked up:

    Ordered 9:01am 5/29/03
    Pickup status 3:17pm 5/31/03
    Left Fed-Ex Origin Location 6:39pm 5/31/03
    Left Fed-Ex ramp 5:48am 6/1/03
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    I love Amazon. But I always get their free shipping though. It's not that they always do a much better job, it's that anybody can have a bad experience with a merchant. I reckon most people don't have many or any bad experiences with Apple's shipping, so you're unlikely to find much empathy.

    I think you're owed the cost of shipping back, since it was not truly overnight delivery. You ordered it during business hours on a weekday that wasn't Friday, so it should have been at your door before the weekend.

    I would call Apple and bug them until you get the right answer. The first response is always "no," that's standard customer service stuff.

    If you don't mind my asking, why was it so important to get the iPod overnight?
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    Erp... just looked at the refurb section of Apple's site...

    So it looks like they've covered their asses as long as it shows up Monday.

    I order stuff from Amazon sometimes that says "usually ships within 6-8 weeks." If I order overnight delivery with this item, I'm not going to bitch when it doesn't show up the next morning. This is along the same lines.

    I imagine the iPod refurb'ing takes place at an outside location and they have to wait a day sometimes to get an adequate supply to fill orders, much in the way Amazon has to sometimes wait 6-8 weeks for an order to be filled.
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    it IS normal. i don't care that it's apple that's late. i don't have blind faith in them. call up amazon. see if they guarantee it will ship out in a day. most say 1-2 days. i didn't know that apple shipped on weekends. so my advice sticks: they shipped it on the second day.

    i really don't appreciate that you've insulted us.
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    Now we get to argue over what 1-2 days is.

    Ordering at 9am... that is day 1. Friday was day 2. Saturday (day it left) was day 3.

    But of course the standard answer from everyone will be "day 1 is Friday, not the day you ordered it!" And my answer will be "bs, it wasn't that way for Amazon!"
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    Nope, you're right. Day 1 is Thursday. Day two is Friday. But here's the catch:

    Saturday and Sunday are not business days. So as long as you get it on Monday, you've gotten it as promised. It doesn't matter if they waited to ship it until yesterday because it wouldn't have shown up on Saturday or Sunday anyway.

    If you order something (with a 1-2 ship time) overnight from Amazon on a Friday night, you ain't getting it until at least Tuesday, possibly Wednesday.
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    what i meant is that if you want real overnight delivery don't order stuff at the end of the week. if you do order it at the end of a week it adds another day or two to the estimated arrival time. :rolleyes:
    if you were intelligent enough to order something online, you should have been intelligent enough to realize that too. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    if you're really that desperate to get an iPod that soon perhaps you should have stopped by a nearby apple store, or best buy, or some apple retailer.
    besides, it was your responsibility to read everything on apple's site. it's your fault that you didn't know about the one to two day estimated shipping time for refurbs. :rolleyes:
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    Not to mention that though orders are taken 24/7, they are only processed during certain hours of the weekdays.

    Stuff does not get processed or shipped on Saturdays and Sundays -- get this through your head!
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    it looks like his registers as having shipped on saturday at 3:57 so there goes that theory.

    now, here you go, yzedf. the pickiest definition you can possibly have of 1-2 days: 48 hours from time of ordering. so, it should have shipped by 9:01 AM on saturday morning. they were out by 6 hours. shame on them, those portentous f*cks! i'm an american, and i demand that everything be here at my convenience! there is nothing reasonable that could have delayed them six hours!

    except that it shipped overnight from saturday morning, or afternoon as the case turned out to be. so, arriving on sunday (if they do deliveries then, which i doubt they do) is RIGHT ON TIME. it's the day after it shipped, six hours late or no, it would have been an overnighter. so you have it now, or you'll get it monday. get over it.
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    You should have gotten it by now, since you payed for overnight. How do you know that FedEx just didnt screw it up?
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    Re: Apple shipping complaint

    good grief. the fastest apple ever deliverd for me was 3weeks.

    go and call the hotline twice a day, it usually speeds up delivery a bit.
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    Re: Apple shipping complaint

    things take longer during the end of the week
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    maybe because he looked at the shipping info?

    but once again, overnight shipping means that you get it the day after it ships. this mean it could be 3, or even 4 days after you order it if the item ships in 1-2 days, especially when you order it towards the end of the week. the only time you really will get it the day after you order it is if you are lucky or the item is listed as "ships immediately." i have never seen this.

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