Apple Shortens iPhone Return Window to 14 Calendar Days

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Customers who purchased an iPhone from an Apple Store in the U.S. had a 30-day period to try out the phone and return it for any reason. Starting March 13th, this return window is being shortened to 14 calendar days, claims 9to5Mac.
    This change brings Apple's return policy in line with U.S. carriers, which offer a 14-day return period for customers who buy an iPhone from a carrier's website or retail store. Previously, Apple would accept returns beyond the carrier's 14-day period, but within the company's 30-day return window. These customers would be credited for their iPhone purchase, but they still had to pay an early termination fee and any other associated charges to the carrier. This policy often was confusing to customers who expected to return their phone without penalty.

    This change also standardizes Apple's return policy across all product categories. Starting March 13th, customers who purchase an item from Apple will have 14 days in which to make a return, regardless of what they purchased.

    Article Link: Apple Shortens iPhone Return Window to 14 Calendar Days
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    I think this is a good move on Apple's part. It brings consistency in policy across the board. Less confusion for consumers. Also, it could mean less wear and tear on items returned.

    In my opinion, 14 days is long enough to determine whether one likes an item or not.
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    Completely agree. No need to test a phone for one whole month.


    How is this greedy?
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    Well, now there's no incentive for me to purchase iPhones directly from Apple. I preferred their return policy, but now that it's the same, I won't mind buying from the carrier or big box store.
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    I don't see it that way and 14 days was the original return window even under Jobs. I'm not even sure how you can call this greedy.

    I agree. Far too many people have openly discussed how they kept a phone for nearly a month and decided they wanted the color or size they truly wanted. Many have come here bragging about their basic rental or saying how they wanted a certain model but it was not available so they just bought whatever and now intend to return it. I loved it in one way because the refurb store was riddled with these returns that had nothing wrong with them. However, this 14-day window will reduce the people who abused the previous return policy.
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    Giving people less time to buy the phone before the new one is announced, then return it when the new phone is released.

    Better be really sure you want to buy that discounted 5S from walmart in August.
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    fixed that for you. You may not need a full 30 days but I'm sure there were customers who exercised that option, I'm curious what the need to shorten it to be in line with the carriers?

    I don't think Apple is being any more greedy by shortening the length of time, but if they want to really make things simple, then they could just let the carriers sell the devices exclusively...
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    The 30 day was because carriers offered 30 days (ie AT&T). Now they offer 14 days so Apple no longer needs to have a 30 day return policy anymore.
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    Wow, you're far off
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    Seems like this didn't go in the right direction where carriers would have changed to 30 days instead like they had before. Certainly becoming less consumer friendly as time goes on.
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    It used to be 30 days in California by law, but they recently changed it to 14 days.
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    2 weeks is more than enough time. Don't really see why people would even return it if they made that expensive investment in the first place.
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    Sep 22, 2013
    Maybe because the device doesn't work properly? I find your post to be silly.
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    How is it greedy? A customer should know if the phone they bought is going to work for them within 2 weeks. I bought an iPad Air the other day. I just knew for sure the 16GB storage was going to be plenty enough for work purposes. Took me all of 2 days to realize that 16GB was not going to work at all. Exchanged it for a larger storage. I actually thought all Apple purchases had a 14 day return policy anyway.
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    Don't you think feeling entitled to rent a phone for two weeks without payment is greedy?
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    Far too many people abuse Apple's return policy. This is the inevitable by-product of that.
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    That's warranty, not a return. Even with a "no returns" policy, you can return devices that don't work.
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    Yep, every iPhone comes with a one year warranty and you could exchange it if it doesn't work. A bit different than spending $800 on a phone and deciding two weeks later "eh, I don't want this."
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    apple charges your credit card right? i mean apple is not lending it without collateral or payment.

    i assume prices will be lowered to reflect apples savings here.
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    So the next conspiracy will be that the Iphone 6 is coming out in 15 days:rolleyes:
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    I think this change is acceptable. The 30 day time period was often confusing when combined with carrier's 14 day return policies. AT&T claims you are in a contract after 14 days even if you return the phone.
    I barely ever return things myself anyway. If you don't want it then don't buy it. If there are issues there is a warranty.
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    Jan 2, 2014
    At the same time apple doesn't charge you anything even when you return it on the 28th, 29th or 30th day....No one is going to lend anyone anything without collateral...thats a given fact....and your argument would be valid if Apple took even a penny after the 14days from you....because you couldn't make up your mind.

    Be glad they let you have 14 days which is plenty, think about this when you buy a won't even get 14 days...just an hour [if lucky] test drive and thats it.


    30 day policy definitely was abused all due to people's mind taking too long to get convinced regarding color....majority of the cases were returning due to color rather than capacity.
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    He still has a point though. Suppose your iPhone is not working properly and you are trying to get it solved. It is not unlikely that you may think at some point: this is going nowhere, I've had it, I want my money back. Two weeks can be very short. A warranty does not necessarily entitle you to a refund.

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