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Apple site is down 330PM EST

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zuggerat, Jul 16, 2003.

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    apple sites down 330PM EST i wonder whats goin on
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    The store and site is still working for me. :confused:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its working fine for me as well - think you just had an isolated issue...it would be weird timing for something to be coming out...

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    hmm maybe...it's probably because im using a dell...lol...damn apple...release the new 15 ive got your money right here
  5. zim
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    same thing here... was looking for a new power cord for me powerBook, mine just went :(, and the site does not load..
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    I tried to load the Apple page a little bit ago (like 10 minutes maybe, so at 3:30 ET), and Safari timed out after 60 seconds. I didn't think much of it though, and it's working now.

    P.S. by the way, we're in Daylight time, zuggerat, not standard ;)
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    type of computer shouldn't matter.

    besides, i'm using a PC with windows xp right now. :)
    site loaded right up. maybe your ISP had some routing problems. i know with my ISP the DNS servers will sometimes go down.
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    Down for me as well. Just for the site being down they should add the 15 inch al pb to the list.
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    Working just fine for me.
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    independance...i was kidding...and oops with the time zones
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    maybe they're releasing the 15 PB to only certain people and thats why mine isnt workin and everyone elses is...its possible (NNNOOOOOTTTT)
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    I cant load Apple.com either...

    Maybe its all those people looking at the new G5 slowing things down?
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    down for me too, as well .mac, also can't access mail.mac.com whassup?
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    mines workin again
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    Final Cut Express Promo...

    They just put up a promotion for Final Cut express.

    I also received today an email from MacMall announcing "Blowouts". It featured 17" iMac, PowerMac 1.25 and 15" PowerBook.

    I smell something in the air. :)
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    4:05 EST store down for me.

    I'm going to take the path of blind optimism and start chanting Powerbook as I sit at my desk and reload.
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    it's back up for me

    4:08 est
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    There was a problem with an att router. Network problem, not an apple problem. My last hop was in Saint Louis
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    I was in the North Michigan Avenue store shooting a practice movie for my Studio Series class this afternoon when Apple.com went down (or whatever happened). We tried to shoot logging onto the Apple.com website as part of the movie and couldn't.

    The cash registers also went down.

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